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ZürichCARD – Love it!

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 30, 2011

Regardless how much you adore your family, 72 hours with in-laws, teenage nieces and ex-colleagues can be as challenging as a pregnant gals 9 months ohne wine! Consider the ZürichCARD your fairy godmother – transforming days of staring at your tiny apartment’s 4 walls to days packed with exploration. The ZürichCARD invites you and your guests to discover Zurich’s best museums, culture, attractions, shops, dining and nightlife in a convenient and inexpensive way.

Why we love the ZürichCARD
There is no other discount like this available in Zurich! Offers are overwhelming with options to:

We’ve asked our girlfriends to see if they’ve tried the ZürichCARD before and if it was valuable…surprisingly, many reported they were curious but never actually purchased the ZürichCARD. Some thought the museums would be difficult to navigate due to the foreign language their guests would not be comfortable with… this is fortunately not true. Most of Zurich’s museums have exhibits in various languages, including English. For maximum value, purchase the 72 hour ZürichCARD, as you can maximize 3 days of exploration for only double the price of the 24-hour card!



An example of a tourist’s 24-hour itinerary and the costs saved:

          Day 1:
          11.00: Photos and picnic lunch atop Ueliberg: CHF 12

          15.00: Souvenir Shopping (chocolate and t-shirt): 30
          16.00: Kunsthaus Museum: CHF 14

          Day 2:
          09.00: Return airport transfer from HB: CHF 6.20

          Total cost: CHF 62.20
          Total cost with ZuriCARD: CHF 47

The ZürichCARD is fairly flexible offering the following features:

Quoteable Quotes about the ZürichCARD:

“For a whirlwind Visit, consider the ZürichCARD” –Rick Steves

“It’s worth every Franc, it’s the best deal…best wishes and have a great time in Zurich!” – HP

“I trust Rick Steves, so when he suggested…that travelers should pick up a ZürichCARD, I listened…I purchased a 72-hour card, and I am very glad I did” – J. Eisenlau

An idea is born…
Launched in April 2003 the ZürichCARD was introduced to make Zurich and its attractions more easily accessible for tourists. The idea with the word ‘CARD’ was to include all discounts and advantages:

C = City Transportation
A = Attractions & Museums
R = Restaurants
D = Diverse offers

Nowadays the ZürichCARD includes almost 90 different offers from transport to culture, shopping and gastronomy and is an inspiring and inexpensive tool to explore the city of Zurich. Not just used by tourists, the card is also used by locals and it makes a great gift.

Helpful information and links…
ZuriGirl tip: Overseas travelers are usually a bit jetlagged on their arrival day so postpone validating the card until a day or two prior to your guest’s departure. This way they have plenty of energy to explore and can utilize the inclusive return airport transfer.

Order Online Now:                                                           Prices 2011                            

Adults (24h)                                                                            CHF 20 / EUR 16
Children aged 6 kto 16 (24h)                                               CHF 14 / EUR 11.20

Adults (72h)                                                                            CHF 40 / EUR 32
Children aged 6 to 16 (24h)                                                 CHF 28 / EUR 22.40

Official Website | 2012 ZürichCARD ebrochure





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