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Zero Waste Shops

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 31, 2018

We all know that reducing our waste is important, but yet it is almost completely impossible when shopping at normal, every day super markets.  We got the low down from a few of the “Zero Waste” shops in or near Zurich.  Check them out and start living your life, waste free!


FOIFI ZeroWaste Laden Cafe: Schiffbaustrasse 9B, 8005 Zürich (map) |Tel.: 077 439 68 70 | website

Züri’s first ZeroWaste neighborhood shop & café. A place that offers you an alternative to unpackaged, plastic-free shopping: groceries, everyday items, café bar and workshops. You bring containers with you and you only buy as much as you really want, while going home practically waste free!  Save money, and save the earth!

BachserMärt: Ginsterstrasse 1, 8047 Zürich (map) | Tel.:044 492 64 57 | website

Regional, seasonal and natural products have priority in the BachserMärt, freshness is the focus.  They have a sustainable production method that promotes efficient transportation routes, encourages customers to throw away zero food, stop consuming so much energy and to reduce the amount of packaging used and recycle most products. With two other locations in the Zurich area, Seefeld and Kalkbreite.

Äss-Bar: Stüssihofstatt 6, 8001 Zürich (map) | Tel.: 043 548 05 44 | website

Food waste is on everyone’s lips: Shaken by the shocking fact that 1/3 of all Swiss food ends up in waste, consumers and producers are increasingly concerned about the current food waste. This is where Äss-Bar comes in: In cooperation with various bakeries, bakery and patisserie from the day before are sold at special points of sale at a very discounted price.  Shops also in St. Gallen, Bern, Basel, and Winterthur.

Fürst unverpackt: Schaffhauserstrasse 53, 8180 Bülach (map) | Tel.:079 447 08 09| website

The first packaging-free shop in the Zurich Unterland region has been open since 1.7.2017. Easy purchase of natural foods, without unnecessary packaging materials and in desired quantities.  Stop by and experience tips and tricks for a lighter lifestyle.  When you drop by the shop you will see quality, a cozy atmosphere and a completely new, natural and easy way to shop.

der bioladen: Altstetterstrasse 128, 8048 Zürich (map) |Tel.:044 432 64 42| website 

Der Bioladen stands for its natural and sustainable foods.  With them you will find that almost everything is the best of quality. More than 50 types of aromatic cheese, the creamiest sheep’s milk yoghurts, fine tofu and the tenderest lamb fillets are piled up in their bulging refrigerated display cases. Where they do package their supplies, it is much easier to find items with little packaging in Der Bioladen, than your regular Swiss supermarket.

Chez Mamie: Schaffhauserstrasse 74, 8057 Zürich (map) | Tel.:079 963 30 61 | website

Go and discover about fifty BIO Fairtrade products in bulk at Chez Mamie. From food to cleaning products, you will find all your happiness. No packaging, no marketing, you simply pay the quality of the product. You are master of your own purchases. Do not have containers? Do not panic, they have organic cotton pouches, bottles and glass jars for you in their shop.


Le Silo: Rue de La Balance 12, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds (map) | Tel.:032 913 34 74 | website

Le Silo is an association created with the aim of developing the concept of “zero waste” in the Neuchâtel mountains. Their three important mottos: Eat more healthily to live better, adopt a sustainable consumption mode, and buy only what you really need!

Bio & Co: Rue des Pinsons 17, 2800 Delémont (map) | Tel.:032 423 03 08 | website 

Going strong since 2013, they propose quality products at reasonable prices! Head on over with your bags or jars (it’s easier for the transport to use reusable and washable bags) and they will be happy to serve you!

La Portion Magique: Kirchgässli 5, 2502 Biel (map) | Tel.: 032 322 92 92 | website

The current assortment of products mainly includes daily usage goods and is affordable for everyone.  You can find, for example, pastas, rice, flour, dried fruits, walnuts, flakes and muesli that you can purchase by bulk!

Go-Vrac Epicerie: Rue des Moulins 45, 2000 Neuchâtel (map) | Tel.: 032 721 02 43 | website

Buy all of your spices by bulk in this boutique shop in downtown Neuchatel.  They offer a range of products without packaging, from food to cosmetics to household products. Their goal? To offer quality products at affordable prices.

TIPS ON LIVING WASTE FREE: Check out our Tips for a Zero Waste Lifestyle article for tips and more! 

Let us know if you we missed any other “Zero Waste” shops in the Zurich area and we will add them to the list!

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska (USA), Abbey Flury is a journalism enthusiast.  After studying Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska, she moved to Switzerland to be with her then fiancé, now husband. After just two years in Switzerland she found herself immersed into the rich French culture of Neuchâtel. With skills in German, French, and English, she quickly made Switzerland her new home!  With a strong ability to write and conduct research, Abbey quickly became a big asset to the Girlfriend Guide team and continues to show her skills in communications every single day.


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