Zalando: Goodbye Stereotypes, Hello Zerotypes

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 25, 2020

Where do you shop for fashion inspiration? The digital shelves of Zalando are filled with colorful ideas for Spring 2020.

This season’s campaign reflects the diversity of today where everyone is free to be their own multifaceted individual who can feel comfortable fully expressing themselves via fashion choices. Tackling the taboo topic of stereotypes…the achilles heel to diversity and freedom, Zalando has coined the term: Zerotypes.

Zalando’s ambition for the campaign is for the ‘Zerotypes’ message to spark a wider conversation around the outdated cultural stereotypes that still remain. This begs the question, how are we placing our own stereotypes onto our personal fashion choices? Are we too conservative with cuts or color choices or any particular reason? Are we having fun with fashion?

“In a study run in partnership with YouGov across select markets, Zalando found that 89% of people reported that stereotypes continue to exist in today’s society, with 47% saying more than they used to. The majority of people across countries feel one of the main culprits is media with 57% referencing film and TV shows and 60% mentioning advertising. With this in mind, Zalando hopes to change the way that fashion and advertising restricts people by enabling them to celebrate their Zerotype self.”

With this bold and playful message, Zalando just earned us as new shoppers to join the more than 29 million customers. The white and orange boxes are often seen around the city (especially at the Post Office since they make returns so easy!) and little did we know that alongside famous international brands, the company also supports local labels.

Have a little fun this Spring and take to heart the Zalando message: Free to be encourages everyone to be who they really are with no one dictating what to think, feel or wear. 



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