YouthTube comes to Zurich!

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 30, 2019

Looking for a summer camp that’s great value, meaningful and super flexible­­, this one your kids are going to love!

If your children want to know more about how to become a YouTuber, or simply want to learn how to speak confidently in groups, or just want to have fun, this is the summer camp for them!

Children learn life’s most valuable lessons through play-like activities and that is why this ingenious summer camp uses the ever popular YouTube as a tool to keep kids interested while teaching them skills, such as:

In a modern digital world, these skills are ever crucial in today’s society. This weekly or daily course gives children the boost they need to get out of the house, socialize and have fun. 

The Youthtube Academy is offering a daily collection service from both Zug and Zurich Train stations. 

The program runs from 15 July through 26 (in Zurich) followed by a week in Geneva (details to follow). The rates are competitive, with 25% sibling discounts. Book now to take advantage of the early bird rates, which end soon.

YouthTube Academy Zurich
Zurich Facebook Group . Official Registration

Girlfriend Guide is proud to be a selected media partner to help promote this fun event coming to Zurich for the first time in 2019!

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