Women’s Expo: Why Visit?

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 13, 2015

Have you thought about starting your own business, or are you looking to network with other like-minded professional women? The 3rd Annual Women’s Expo is this month and with over 130 exhibitors and 1500 visitors expected to attend, the space will be alive with inspiration all around!

It is clear why ladies wish to exhibit their business at the Women’s Expo…the exposure and networking opportunities are endless. However, many ladies are asking….”Why Visit?”

We decided to interview three women who have attended the 2013 and 2014 Fairs to learn why the Women’s Expo is important for them, and what we can look forward to this year….as well as some local tips on where they enjoy meeting friends in Zurich. Special thanks to Anna Portmann, kukui Parfums d’Ambiance;  Jacinda Sroka, Training & Coaching für Profil und Stimme and Claudia Larsen, Fotostudio für Frauen for their time and feedback.

womens expo

How many times have you participated in the Women’s Expo, and what do you love most about it?

Anna: The 2015 edition will be my second exhibition at the Women’s Expo. The overall positive and fizzy spirit among the exhibitors especially impressed me. And same on the visitors’ side, who were not rushing through the exhibition, but taking time to interact.

Jacinda: I have participated both times. In 2013 as a visitor and 2014 as an exhibitor. I enjoyed the atmosphere very much. The joy, the laughter and it was both times really easy to get in contact with the exhibitors.

Claudia: This is my second time. I love the urban and casual atmosphere.

What can we expect to see at your table? (Are you giving away any goodies or discounts?) 

Anna: I will be exposing our swiss made home fragrance collection as reed diffusers, room sprays and candles. We will also expose our professional electrical scent diffusor, which enables perfuming large spaces. The timing of the exhibition coordinates perfectly with the launch of our four new Special Edition fragrances. Come and get inspired! Visit us on our stand N°93!

Jacinda: At my table (N°74) you will find me with an open smile and welcoming words. You will also find information, tips and exercises concerning articulation and body language. I think that we need to use the whole body AND mind to get in a real dialog. Visitors from the women´s expo will get a discount of 10% on my seminars and courses. The expo is the perfect occasion to get to know me and my work. 

Claudia: I will be doing live photo shootings (Portraits) at my Expo-Studio, Table N°104. If you like any of the pictures you can purchase them right away and have them printed out for CHF 5 each. For all the Expo visitors I offer a 15 % Expo discount for any photo shootings within three months after the event.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Expo? 

Anna: It is always exciting to launch new fragrances. Therefore I am very much looking forward to receiving feedback from the visitors on our new collection. 

Jacinda: I am looking forward meeting many other exhibitors I have already met this year or/ and the year´s before. The apéro Lisa and Michaela had organized in February was a great opportunity to get together in advance. 

Claudia: To meet other business women and have the possibility to network.

Did you meet someone at the Expo last year who you are now in close contact with?

Anna: Actually quite a few! Most of them are not only clients of kukui but also very good friends and business partners. The exhibition created a special bounding between us. 

Jacinda: Last year at the expo I met great people and I am glad to say that I am still in contact with most of them. Some became clients and others partners. Networking is fun and gives us power.   

Claudia: I met a business fashion designer who had her whole collection photographed by me in my „fotostudio für frauen“. I introduced her to another business women networking plattform and we see each other regularly.

Let’s talk about Zurich…What is your favorite cafe in Zurich to meet?

Anna: As I come from the Hotel and Gastronomy field, I am always interested checking out new locations and openings. I still love the Bistro in CLOUDS Prime Tower with the spectacular views of Zurich, especially early in the morning. My next favourite place at the moment is Alice Choo, which is not a café but an amazing and entertaining place for dinner with delicious tasty food!

Jacinda: I love cafes and meeting people. There are different cafes I like a lot, for example, Brasserie Schiller & Goethe Bar, and the Restaurant at Zentrum Karl der Grosse. 

Claudia: I love to meet with friends in the Terrasse as well as in the Blaue Ente.

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Lisa Chuma
Women’s Expo
Sunday, 29 March 2015 | 10.00-16.00

Anna Portmann
kukui Parfums d’Ambiance
Website . Tel: +41 79 705 66 74

Jacida Sroka
Training & Coaching für Profil und Stimme
Website . Tel: +41 79 705 66 74

Claudia Larsen
Fotostudio für Frauen
Website . Tel: +41 44 920 77 56

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