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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 4, 2014

Seeking inspiration and a unique twist to your Swiss-based network? Look no further than the lovely, talented and unbelievably intelligent women behind the Women’s Expo. They come from all over Switzerland with a business mindset and ammunition to take over the world! From make-up artists to jewelry designers to fashion icons, the Women’s Expo is dedicated to showcasing and sharing women-owned businesses with B2B networking and consumer engagement opportunities all day long.

The 2nd annual Women’s Expo is planned for 25 May in Zurich and here’s a snapshot of the fabulous businesses awaiting you.

See you there ladies!


BellyB, launched by Sharon Eriksson


An Idea is Born

After bringing 3 boys into the world and with inspiration from her husband to maintain her well-being & passion, Sharon decided to launch BellyB to ensure mothers / future mothers are pampered and treated as they deserve to be.

Since 2010, she’s been helping ladies care for their bodies & feel sexy in Maternity & Nursing Lingerie…as a matter of fact, she has the largest online collection in Switzerland.

Insider Scoop

We asked Sharon to share the 3 items that are a MUST for mom’s to be. Her suggestions include:

1) Supportive and comfortable Bras –a minimum of 3: one on you, one in the cupboard and one in the wash, but suggests waiting until the 3rd trimester to purchase

2) Supportive and comfortable nightwear

3) Good cream that helps prevent deep stretch marks

Why we Admire BellyB

Customer service is her specialty and at a time when hormones are raging and body shapes are changing, this is especially priceless. To help with shopping, she invites consumers to her home to try on products, allows customers to easily return items and provides easy sizing charts and personalized emails & phone calls.

She pours her heart & soul into helping ladies and lives by her tag line: You are curvy, sexy, beautiful, and you inspire us.

Why the Women’s Expo

Although too late to register in 2013, Sharon attended as a guest and was so impressed with the network of women, she wanted to share her products directly with potential clients.

Favorite Restaurant

Quai 61… Sunday Brunch with mountain & sea views 


TEA’n’SPICERIA, launched by Leonore Sichi


Combining her zest for creative work & love for tea, 3 years ago Leonore launched an online shop & boutique selling over 40 varieties of teas, spices and seasonal gifts.

While most products originate from Germany, she makes many herself, such as Chai Hibiscus and Himalaya Salt with dried flowers.

Insider Scoop

We asked TEA’n’SPICERIA how to help de-mystify purchasing spices while traveling as we’ve heard many spice markets actually sell fake (yes fake) spices.

A good example is Saffron and while she shares the nose is the best tester, once home, you can put Saffron in water and the more colorful it becomes, the better quality it is.

Why we Admire TEA’n’SPICERIA

It’s a one-stop shop for thoughtful gifts and high-quality, unique products such as:

– Fondue Tea…need we say more?

– Tea Gift Subscriptions…every 3 months for 1 year, your friend receives 3 new teas delivered to their doorstep.

– Tea Roses / Flowers…forget the tea bag, this tea infusion actually grows into a flower right in your very own cup. Next time, hubby forgets flowers…go for tea!

Why the Women’s Expo

TEA’n’SPICERIA explained that most of her clients are women – they love giving tea as gifts, adding her dried tea flowers to salads and enjoying different types of teas. It’s her ideal target audience and she can connect with potential new partners like tea rooms and gift shops.

Favorite Restaurant

Trattoria Casino


Your Nutrition Balance, launched by Claudette Lucien

Love your gut 2 copyAn Idea is Born

Claudette was inspired by her father’s business mindset and bid farewell to 12 years of banking to follow her desire to help people address their health and well-being by becoming a Nutritional Therapist in 2009.

She recommends budding entrepreneurs to ‘choose a job they love, to never have to work a day in their life’.

Insider Scoop

Finding reliable health information & health food shops can be tricky. We asked Claudette for some insider advice…

For Health-Food Shopping in Zurich, she recommends Vital Punkt (Stockerstrasse 38, 8002) for it’s variety, the markets such as Bürkliplatz on Tuesday/Friday or the Viadukt and suggests that when buying fish, look for the MSC labeled – fish is the only food group where she does not recommend bio, as it can per definition only be farmed fish.

For reliable / daily health resource reads, she recommends: Dr Marilyn Glenville, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS™ founder), Dr Tom O’Bryan (gluten expert), The Royal Society of Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and WDDTY magazine.

Why we Admire Your Nutrition Balance

Claudette firmly believes that no client is alike, and as a result, each client should be treated as an individual. She loves food and loves to eat, and focuses on all the great choices that you can make rather than what you should not have. Claudette studied nutrition in London for four years and is registered with ASCA, EMR, BANT and is also a metabolic balance® coach and a GAPS™ (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner. She completed her dissertation on Irritable Bowel Disease and Probiotics. 

Why the Women’s Expo

She participated in the Women’s Expo last year and really enjoyed the atmosphere and diversity of people that stopped by. It was very well organized and well advertised, with a great turnout resulting in many new clients.

Favorite Restaurant

Claudette likes Simply Soup or Kindli for their relaxed atmospheres and open invitation to her 4-legged friend, but also enjoys cooking at home with her husband. For breakfast, she fancies eggs from her own chickens and a favorite healthy, but hearty ‘go to’ meal is Chicken Ratatouille (recipe below).

Chicken Ratatouille/casserole

Cut up the chicken, pepperoni, courgettes, onions and garlic into chunks. Grate the carrots. Sauté the vegetable ingredients, then place them together with the tomatoes and herbs into a large pot and cook on a medium heat (add water if necessary).

Marinate the chicken with the spices. Sauté the chicken to ‘seal’ and keep in the juices, then add to the vegetable mix. Add water so that all the ingredients are covered. Cook for approximately 90 minutes, stirring occasionally and adjusting the heat accordingly. Add more spices until you reach the flavor that you want.

Note: for a vegetarian alternative, replace the chicken with chickpeas/lentils/beans or use as a vegetable side dish.


PLANREICH, launched by Meri Pipenbaher

Girlfriends-Guide-Interview-Meri-Pipenbaher-Portrait copyAn Idea is Born

A series of illnesses in 2008 followed by a burnout and mobbing at work made Meri rethink life again. Disappointed with the management and driven by the thought “success is the best revenge”, she left the corporate world to prove to herself she was strong enough to succeed on any project. As a result of her life story and the associated self-discipline on the road to independence, the passion, was born to help others to do the same. This is why Meri has created a unique and creative agency called “PLANREICH” where she is dedicated to help her clients in all aspects of self-realization and the realisation of their dreams.

She  services new and established business owners and individuals as a Hpnotherapist, business coach and creative agency as well as acts as Chief Editor to SINNREICH, a magazine for entrepreneurs, visionaries and adventurers from Switzerland.

Insider Scoop

We asked Meri to share key questions a business should ask a website designer before hiring them…here’s her advice….

1)    Is my website visible on all browsers accordingly?

2)    Is your web design responsive?

3)    Do you create easy to use websites that I can update myself?

4)    Do you have sales or marketing experience?

5)    Do your clients realize return on their investment?

6)    What happens to my old links after you upload a new website? Is it going to affect my google ranking?

Why we Admire PLANREICH

Meri believes in herself and supporting entrepreneurs. We love her motto: “Never let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big!”

Why the Women’s Expo

Fascinated by the fact that a woman from Zimbabwe is bringing such an amazing idea to Switzerland and as Mama Africa was her home a couple of years ago and she’s traveled to Zimbabwe quite often, there was a connection. After creating the website for the Expo, she’s had the Expo bug and excited to share the goal of helping women grow their businesses.

Favorite Restaurant

Dini Mueter, a bar and playing ground for adults (not what you think) on Langstrasse with the most delicious specialities straight out of mom’s kitchen.


Girlfriend Guide is thrilled to be a Media Partner of the 2014 Women’s Expo. Don’t miss it and be sure to stop by our table to say hello! 







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