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Win! Expovina Primavera

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 18, 2019

We love this annual event as there’s so many different wines to try and the merchants are very knowledgeable and helpful during the tastings.

We are so lucky we’ve got tickets for a winner, thanks to our friends at Steinfels La Maision du Vin. This fantastic wine shop & auction house spoil us all year long hosting our Girls Night Out wine tastings and treating our ladies to 10% off purchases & free delivery of 6+ bottles all year long.

Expovina Details

When: 28 March – 4 April

Where: Pulse 5 near Hardbrucke (map)

Cost: CHF 25

Zuri Girl Tip: With 2,000 wines from all over the world to choose from, do you already have a favorite grape or is there a region you’ve been eager to learn more about? Look at the map first and make a plan of the “must try” to avoid being overwhelmed with all the options.

Additional Information: Expovina Website

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