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Welcome to 7th Heaven

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 9, 2012

CloudsRestaurantShoot for the stars, and land in the Clouds.

Beyond the hype, a reservation at Clouds Restaurant is attainable and Zuri Girl has the inside scoop on how to best secure a reservation for a memorable experience.

Ladies, welcome to 7th Heaven.


What they will tell you:

When we called Clouds to make a reservation*, the conversation went as follows:

Zuri Girl: “Grüezi, hello, when is your first available reservation for a Friday or Saturday night?”

Clouds Reception: “Oh mein Gott. You are asking for Friday or Saturday Night? Please keep your calm… the first reservation is not available until October!”

Zuri Girl: “Oh my, October? That’s a long time to wait…

Ladies, have no fear, we have other ways to enjoy Clouds before the summer is over!


Why the Hype?
It is quite simply the most dramatic view of the city of Zurich and the Alps beyond, and the food is well-worth the wait…but why wait when you can plan a visit at your leisure? We like immediate gratification and in 7th Heaven, our wishes always come true…


How to skip to the front of the line?
With a little luck, it is indeed possible to have that coveted reservation at Clouds before the 6-month wait-list expiration date, and now is the best time to go, as the skies are clear, allowing stunning visibility to the highest peak of the alps on a clear day.

Tip #1: Breakfast for a Goddess:
Believe it or not, our favorite time to visit Clouds is first thing in the morning. Meet your girlfriends for breakfast in the Clouds Bistro high above the city for an exceptional way to start your day. As the sun rises over Lake Zurich below, your freshly squeezed(?) orange juice and cappuccino will be ever-so-delightful…and why not order yourself a mimosa to celebrate our incredible city! Opens Mon-Fri  at 7.30.

Tip #2: The Power Lunch
Lunch is popular, so consider going at early at 11.00 for a coveted table by the window. Reservations are not taken for lunch, so you have the benefit of taking advantage of the ‘first come, first serve’ principal in the Clouds Bistro, just to the left of the main dining room. The menu is exceptional with deliciously prepared fare out of the main kitchen. We recommend ordering any fabulous salad on the menu, or steak tartar (our favorite!)

Tip #3: Gamble on Dinner
The sparkling city lights of Zurich are glamorous to view from Clouds Restaurant, particularly from a cozy table in the main dining room. If you are eager to play your cards and gamble on a table before the 6-month wait is over, Zuri Girl suggests you speak with the maître d’ before heading to the lounge for a drink around 18.00…if there is a reservation cancellation they just may be so kind to inform you that a table is available so that you, too, can enjoy a Clouds experience!


Zuri Girl tip – while the lounge is a fabulous location to unwind after work, head on over on Friday and Saturday nights to enjoy live music from 23.00. Including the sounds of ‘urban bassics’ or ‘sax o’conga’ where the experience is delightful.

Maagplatz 5, 8005 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel. +41 44 404 30 00


*Photo Credit: Clouds Restaurant.
Editors note – this telephone call took place on 29 April 2012.



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