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Water Adventures in Switzerland

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on August 8, 2018

Summer in Switzerland is complete with a tour of all the great lakes, rivers and gorges. Sure, a boat cruise is a lovely way to spend the afternoon, but for our adventurous readers we rounded up some of the best ways to explore the country from a fish-eye view.

Kayaking on Lake Luzern

Explore the neighboring Lake Luzern while kayaking as the sun goes down. For an unforgettable experience, guided kayak tours take place in small groups between May and September.

Kayaking in Interlaken

Whether a kayak tour on the glassy surface of Lake Brienz or a ride on the waves of a wild mountain stream; the region around Interlaken offers water sports enthusiasts a large choice. During guided tours, which do not require any prior knowledge, hikers get to enjoy the breathtaking nature or search for the next adrenaline rush.

Boat, Raft or Canoe on the Aare

The River Aare between Uttigen and Bern is extremely popular for all kinds of boat trips, offering an alternative route into the Swiss capital. The water-meadow landscape is an enchanting and secluded wilderness amid the densely populated countryside. For a complete experience, hire a local guide to help you navigate through the varied currents.

Water Castle Rafting near Baden

More than 40 percent of Switzerland’s running water comes together in Aarau where three rivers converge: The Aare, Reuss and Limmat. The Water Castle is a play on words, as the German term is used to define this water technology, as well as the fact that this area near Brugg also boasts a romantic medieval moated castle in Hallwyl.

Fishing with a Local on Lake Constance

This one is for the Swiss Bucket List…For over 20 years, professional fisherman Rolf Meier has been chugging out to Lake Constance in his small fishing boat at four in the morning, five days a week to catch fish for the family restaurant Seegarten in Ermatingen. Also on board are his nets and sometimes a couple of guests who want to learn more about fishing…imagine catching your fish in the morning, and enjoying an evening meal at the restaurant that evening. Here are many ideas of other things to do in the Thurgau region surrounding the restaurant, including a visit to the Napoleon Museum and one of Switzerland’s oldest chocolate factories.

Rhine Gorge Rafting

The team behind Swiss River Adventures will help you navigate this intermediate white-water rafting tour deep within the Rhine Gorge, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The steep chalk cliff walls tower above the crystal blue rapids below the base of your boat…complete with a tasty riverside BBQ during the half-way point of your trip.

Canyoning in Graubünden

Take a guided tour of the Viamala Gorge in Graubünden either via a 60-minute historic tour for only CHF 10 to highlight the 2000 year history of Romans passing through the gorge, or enjoy a full 3.5 hour canyoning experience for CHF 149, complete with gear, a local guide and refreshments.

Canyoning in Ticino

With a pinch of courage, wrapped in a wetsuit from head to toe and in the safe hands of a local guide, canoyining in Ticino is an awesome experience. Thanks to its raging rivers and impressive gorges, Ticino is known for its exciting canyoning adventures, particularly in the Valle Riviera.

Watersports in Estavayer-le-Lac

Estavayer-le-Lac is a medieval town situated beside Lake Neuchâtel and is home to the best-equipped watersports centre in Switzerland.The highlight is a ride on the 800-metre long water skiing lift – Switzerland’s longest. The unique waterski-lift is a must for the entire family and is suitable for children who can swim (recommended age: 10). For unique overnight accommodations in the area, check out our article highlighting Glamping in Murten.

Swim in the Wild with 99 Inspirations

Prefer to keep it simple this summer? Treat yourself to Wild Swim – a practical guide by Steffan Daniel for Bergli Books – to Switzerland’s 99 best rivers, lakes and ponds along with maps on how to access them.

While you wait for the book to arrive in your Postbox, our friends at NewlySwissed personally selected 9 of their favorite Wild Swim spots you can add to your summer bucket list!

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