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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 7, 2018

A brand of ease, elegance, and reduction.  Velvet Novel is a brand inspired by architecture and art.

There are many Swiss Fashion Designers that are so incredibly creative, modern and passionate. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their designs and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their brand. Join us on a journey of discovering all things fashionably Swiss…allow us to introduce you to Velvet Novel founded by Desiree Gabriel and Loredana Steiger.

GG: Tell us about your brand name?
Velvet Novel: It’s a story which goes on season by season. Each new collection means writing a new chapter.

GG: Tell us about the logo?
Velvet Novel: The logo is puristic and simple. It’s inspired by the aesthetics of typewriting. Our friend, the graphic designer Franca Moor, designed it.

GG: How would you describe your designs?
Velvet Novel: ease, elegance and reduction. Velvet Novel works with clear and succinct cutlines. We focus on designing jackets and coats for women.

GG: Where are most of your items produced?
Velvet Novel: We produce exclusively in Europe, mostly Germany, Poland or Bosnia. In Bosnia we work with a small and friendly family business. Sustainable, conscious and fair production is crucial and very important for us. Also, we choose natural and premium-quality fabrics only.

GG: What is your earliest memory of being inspired by fashion?
Velvet Novel: We both love to work with textiles since we can remember. Desiree`s mother is a passionate tailor. Thus, she used to handle sharp scissors by the age of 3. Later on, our internships at Haider Ackermann and Vivienne Westwood greatly inspired us.

GG: What is your fashion influence? Travel? People? Fashion Weeks?
Velvet Novel: art, architecture, product design, current moods, feelings and thoughts. For example our latest collection was inspired by the construction lines of the iconic car DeLorean (built in 1981).

GG: What is your favorite piece you ever designed?
Velvet Novel: We’ve had several favourite pieces in the past, but we are still curious and always searching for new solutions in design. That’s why we keep on moving forward.

GG: What are your favorite fabrics/textures?
Velvet Novel: natural fibers with a soft and smooth touch like premium-quality woolfabrics.

GG: Where do you source your fabrics and where are your fashions produced?
Velvet Novel: The fabrics we use are produced in Europe, mostly Italy, Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We try to keep our production distances as short as possible. Best case is, if we can get the fabric from the same country that where we are making the products in.

GG: Can you give some fashion advice to our readers?
Velvet Novel: Buy less, choose well, make it last. (Vivienne Westwood) 


Velvet Novel
Website . Tel: +41 79 314 71 32

Where to Shop: Maggs (Bern, Aarau), Swiss Design Market (Bern), Toku Store (Bern), zämä (Zürich), Die Macherei (Zürich), Mary Jane Boutique (Zürich), Rumour (Zürich), Boutique, MAI (Luzern), The Place (Zug), Riviera (Basel)

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