Trade Your Designer Sunnies for Swiss Eco-friendly models

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on August 6, 2020

Would you swap your designer sunglasses for an eco-friendly pair that is made by a family owned company in Switzerland?

We first discovered cerjo® when they invited us to organize a contest giving away 10 pair of their vintage glasses. The contest is now closed and we congratulate all 10 winners who already received their sunnies!

The Swiss are champions of recycling, as we all know and love. The brand cerjo made it a reality to produce recyclable sunnies. The GREEN models caught our attention, as they are pioneers in the Swiss market with 100% recyclable, BPA free sunglasses and no harmful lacquer. We are really pleased with the rather attractive designs for this capsule collection:

Did you know you are also invited to recycle your old glasses? Simply:

  1. Bring your old glasses to a partner who sells cerjo® products
  2. They will be given to a cerjo® representative next time they visit the shop (meaning no unnecessary kilometers).
  3. The old glasses are delivered to the recycling partner and given a new live as building material for a new product!


Enjoy browsing the collection here and take note that you will receive CHF 20 off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter!

cerjo® Switzerland


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