Tips from a Stylist: Post-Quarantine Fashion

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 7, 2021

It seems there were two main types of personalities during COVID: extreme fitness or extreme baking (and eating!). If you found yourself 5+ kilograms heavier one year later, you are not alone.

Last month, we asked our readers about some topics that they would like more information about, and a popular request was to receive fashion tips for a heavier-than-normal physique.

We asked our stylish friends to weigh in (pun intended!) and it is a pleasure to introduce Monika Mueller and Rowena Downing who share their expert tips to help ladies feel more confidant leaving the house this summer…

Growing up in London, Monika Mueller has lived
a fashionable life. She studied at the London College
of Fashion then worked at Dior’s Head Office. Her 
experience at House of Fraser landed her a role at
Harrods, then as a Merchandise Manager for Womenswear
at Burberry
prior to launching Signature Five.

Monika from Signature Five

Most often when women put on weight, we tend to wear loose fitting clothes but this actually does the opposite, it adds more bulk. I suggest opting for fashionable choices that actually fit well and actually appear more slimming.

As women, we tend to focus on areas we don’t like, but I would advise you to focus on your assets and accentuate these areas by wearing colour or adding accessories. Then, to draw attention away from certain areas, I would say go for less attention grabbing items of clothing and wear one tone of colour.

Do not forget to give your underwear the attention it deserves. All too often, I see women wearing underwear that does not suit them well. With good, supportive undergarments, you can change your posture and also look slimmer without constricting shapewear.

When selecting items of clothing, high waisted trousers are great to hide any extra weight around the belly area. Also, any garment that cinches in around the waist then slightly flares out will help accentuate your shape. Fortunately, with summer here, I always think dresses are a great option, especially maxi dresses. Just make sure they skim your body rather than leave you looking like a tent. Also, find a top you love and get creative on how you style it with each wear. Here are a few suggestions:

Another good trick as mentioned above is to utilize accessories to draw attention to your slimmest part. You can also use attention grabbing earrings or necklaces to detract attention away from body parts you are uncomfortable with and flowing scarves are perfect to hide sleeveless arms and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Women always focus on the bits they don’t like but try to change the dialogue by focusing on the areas you like. I think this alone is a game changer. We are often our worst critics and what we see in the mirror is typically what people looking at us don’t see. We can utilize our wardrobe to our advantage to create the bodyshape we want. Knowing how to dress for your body can really make the difference.

Some boutiques I can recommend visiting for feminine styles this summer include Ann et Line for her timeless Parisienne fashion, Tara Style for lovely pieces of jewelry and Harper’s Küsnacht for summer vacation style dresses, espadrilles and accessories.

I adore the opportunity to help women confidently express themselves with daily choices based on their personality, lifestyle, bodyshape, goals and budget. Please feel free to get in touch anytime!

Signature Five
Website . Tel: +41 76 581 59 97


Rowena Downing

It appears all of us are going through a style shift and wondering what to wear post lockdown. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

I feel we are split between three style tribes. Those of us who want to get our glad rags on and party like it’s 1999- fed up of elasticated waistbands and a need to rebel after “all day athleisure”. Others, who have experienced a shift in values, as well as lifestyle.

I’m not only talking about conscious consumer choices, but about the core question- how we dress. Who we are dressing for? Do we still want to squeeze into shapewear and skinny dresses, don high heels and wobble off into the night? No. Ok. So now it is time to tune into your style and stay true to you!

The third and final group are those of us have put on some extra pounds and are feeling a bit uncomfortable. I want to concentrate on you today! Firstly summer has now officially arrived and Switzerland is easing the restrictions which means that you are going to be out and about meeting missed friends, doing more sport and eating differently at this time of year. Your weight is going to change, it will take time but you’ll get there!

Originally from Scotland, Rowena was surrounded by art,
fashion and design as a child – everyday inspiration!
After studying fashion design in London,
she worked as a personal shopper at Selfridges
and later set up a personal shopping
department for Jelmoli in Switzerland
before launching RowenaDowning.com.

In the meantime, I would invest in a few fun, feel good pieces for you and your wardrobe. Buy yourself a new summer dress, dresses are uncomplicated, you can throw it on and will always look great. There are so many options in the stores right now, perhaps you even have one you forgot about at the back of your wardrobe? Don’t be afraid to show off your assets- you have great legs- then show them off. A nice décolletage? Then try a V neck, spaghetti strap, halter neck- don’t forget how great you are! Don’t go too frumpy- with that I mean too much fabric. Too little isn’t a good idea either. If you need to wear something over the dress, I would opt for a cool denim jacket or a leather jacket on a cold evening. Some dress addresses in Zurich: Vivian Graf for cool cuts, Maud and Maison Julie for fun colours and textures, Vestibule (they have recently opened a new sustainable store in the Europaallee), Kari Kari and Glore for the conscious consumers amongst you.

There are also a lot of great culottes/ straight cut trousers out there- simply team them with a cool tank top, t-shirt if you want to cover your arms, a blouse or simple crisp white blouse. Sometimes going back to the basics within your “core” wardrobe is key! Then invest in some new accessories- the super summer sandals that are missing each year, some fun earrings or perhaps even a cool straw hat that you can team with all of it.

If you need any more tips get in touch. I’m always happy to help! Wishing you lots of happy rays!

Rowena Downing
Website . Tel: +71 79 560 9505

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