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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 1, 2013

womensexpo_flyer_printSave the date for the Women’s Expo, coming to Zurich on 26 May, 2013.

Girlfriend Guide is proud to help sponsor this wonderful event created by and especially for women in business. Have no fear, the lucky man in your life is more than welcome to attend, as most companies in attendance cater to both men and women.

Zuri Girl sat down with Lisa M.Chuma, Entrepreneur and founder of the Women’s Expo to get the inside scoop of what we can expect from this inspirational event.

Zuri Girl: What should attendees expect at the Women’s Expo?

Women’s Expo: Attendees should expect a day filled with fun and inspiration. An opportunity to network and enjoy plenty of personal attention from a variety of experts!

Zuri Girl: Why launch the Women’s Expo in Zurich?

Women’s Expo: This is my personal view… I believe Zurich is the commercial hub of Switzerland, to an extend it is central and open minded. I also live close to Zurich.

Zuri Girl: What types of businesses should guests expect? 

Women’s Expo: To start off – Girlfriend Guide will be there including many other women from different sectors ranging from beauty to jewellery designers, interior designers to nutrition experts including business solutions providers and photographers the list is long….. 

Zuri Girl: Are Men Allowed?

Women’s Expo: YES and children too.

Zuri Girl: How does Swiss Aids Care International fit into the Expo?

Women’s Expo: We launched an initiative to incorporate a charitable component into The Women’s Expo because we feel it is vital to have a positive impact in our community. I personal chose Swiss Aids Care International as I have lost family members to HIV/AIDS so I know the work they are doing is saving lives in a country where I was born and raised – it’s close to my heart. 

Zuri Girl: What do you hope visitors leave the Women’s Expo thinking?

Women’s Expo: I hope visitors will leave the women’s expo saying because of me or someone they met at the women’s expo they were inspired to follow their dreams.

Zuri Girl: Who / what inspired you to launch the Women’s Expo?

Women’s Expo: Having realised that more and more women are starting small- to medium- size businesses in Switzerland, the idea of an event to celebrate, promote and showcase women in business made sense.

Zuri Girl: Are businesses only based in Zurich?

Women’s Expo: No – we have businesses from all parts of Switzerland exhibiting for example Geneva, Bern, Zug, Basel  – the list goes on.

Zuri Girl: Are there any special activities during the day for guests?

Women’s Expo: Yes –  too many to mention but here are a few: we will have quick make-overs, photographers, pulse reading, health tests, message chairs and more… 

Zuri Girl: What challenges are there in launching a new expo?

Women’s Expo: hahaha well – I would say the biggest challenge is to measure how far the word about the event has gone because visitors and exhibitors are both important and vital in making the women’s expo a success.

Zuri Girl: Where would you love to see the expo in 5 years?

Women’s Expo: Well – I would love to see the women’s expo in different cantons throughout Switzerland attracting international exhibitors.  I would also love to see it moving from a one day event to a full weekend event with seminars and workshops also taking place.



Lisa M.Chuma is a mum of two who recently relocated to Switzerland from the UK. She is the Editor in Chief of Inspirational Woman Magazine – a magazine launched on Women’s Day 2011 and representing the “modern day sisterhood” with a pledge to support women all over the world by giving them inspirational content and a place that will uplift, educate, inspire and encourage women to connect and unite with each other. This busy woman is also an Executive Committee Member of The PWG and founder of the Mumpreneurs Switzerland Business Directory. Read more about the Women’s Expo here.


Girlfriend Guide is proud to help sponsor the Women’s Expo and we hope to see you there!















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