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GG Zurich posted on February 10, 2015

VivaMayrWhat do a gorgeous Greek professional basketball player, a name-remembering, wickedly amusing English gentleman, a pair of stunning Nigerian Queens (not literally but they certainly could be), an English Duke and Duchess, a sweet Dutchman with big belly and bigger smile, a German real-estate magnate and a high-powered, attractive head-turning PR woman, have in common?

They were all recently detoxing at the fabulous, newly renovated and practically perfect Viva Mayr clinic in Austria.

We thought we were going to Viva to try to loose the 4 kilos we gained on our summer beer-drinking and late night kebab-eating binges on Langstrasse when the cat was away, (we know, we know . . . soooo bad. But sooooo good.) but little did we know, we’d end up beginning to heal our chronic belly inflammation and extreme adrenal fatigue. The focus on weight loss becomes secondary when one’s health is in such a state. And weight loss is indeed a side effect of The Cure. For real.


The Renovation:

The updated Center is a perfect balance of clinical and chic, with bleached hardwood floors throughout and unadorned, white walls. The guest rooms are large. Very large. Views of the lake. Heated floors in the bathroom. Very calming and neutral. Just what one wants and needs. They’ve succeeded in creating a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere perfect for the rest and healing we needed.

There is a huge, brand new, two-level villa which can accommodate six, with a perfect view of Lake Wörth from the master bed. We sneaked a peek and are already eeiny-meeny-meiny-moe-ing to see which 5 friends will join us next time.

The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine continues to grow. In addition to the Maria Wörth location, the new Viva Mayr Altaussee will open in April 2015 and from the looks of it, this will make choosing which location to book very difficult. But rest assured, you can’t go wrong. Book one this year and the other next!


The Food:

After a somewhat restless first night of sleep on a typically hard European bed (But very fluffy pillows and duvets), we headed to our string of doctor appointments and treatments. But first. Breakfast. Avocado mousse with caviar or smoked trout goat cheese spread? Perhaps an omelet? Or fresh roasted turkey breast? Alongside the spelt bread which is used a chew trainer (yes, 30x per bite is the goal!), these are the proteins one gets to choose from every day. It varies according to the diet you are on, some people were eating potatoes twice a day (candida diet) or Soya or buckwheat bread (gluten intolerance) some ate more, some less. Our first days were spent longing to have a lunch which comes out under a silver serving dome and finally, on day four, we got one. Underneath was a heavenly concoction of stuffed fennel with steamed fish, drizzled in linseed oil – so simple and so delicious. We were sated!

A good way to fight the fleeting hunger pangs you may have (and maybe get an extra bite or two of food, shhh, don’t tell the doctors!), is to go to the cooking classes with the über-talented Chef Emanuela Fischer, held twice a week. She just published a cookbook you simply must have. You’ll learn how to make the famous Viva spreads, the chew-training bread and even healthy desserts. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it all seemed. Perhaps we can even keep this up at home.


The Cure:

The day flew by. Between taking Magnesium Citrate (or Epsom Salt) and base powder (to alkalinize the acid) every few hours, a massage, stomach rubbing, sitting in the infrared chair, taking in some fresh air and exploring the village, a sauna, a nap, a swim, catching up on all the latest magazines (in English!), infusions (imagine getting a full dose of what you’re missing instead of having to take supplements for 6 months), tea and water-drinking galore and many trips to the loo (that’s the point, after all . . . cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.), there was little time to even think about putting on clothes. Dinner in a robe it is. And though about half the guests make an effort to dress for dinner, it’s not necessary. And please, leave the heels at home. We don’t want to hear you clicking away when we’re trying to hear ourselves chew each bite thirty times.

The charming English gentleman who knew everyone’s name, thought nothing of asking many times a day, “Is it going? Has anything happened?” Bathroom habits and bodily functions become part of the social conversation. Get over your giggles and don’t take it personally if someone with whom you’ve been chatting suddenly excuses themselves. Get it all out. That’s the point.

If you’re a woman, you’re extra lucky, because Dr. Christine Stossier and Dr. Doris Schuscha are specialists in women’s health issues from fertility to menopause, experts at Applied Kineseology (which proved dead on and amazing in our case, we can’t stop talking about it), and believe strongly that we have the ability to heal ourselves and natural life rhythms which we must pay attention to in our harried every day lives. Indeed!


The Results: 

Lost: 3 kilos, possibly a parasite, sugar, caffeine, alcohol ‘addiction’ – at least for now.

Distended belly is no longer distended. Gut not healed, but so much better and we have a plan of action in place.

Gained: Many new friends, a new understanding of our body and how it works, tools for cooking and nurturing our bodies with the right foods and food combination, how to slow down, and, bragging rights for having braved the frigid 6 degree lake (after a sauna, of course. We’re not that crazy).

This is a call to action. We implore you. Go. Get healthy. Do it for yourself. And who knows, you might just meet some tall dark stranger, or, even better, a delightful new girlfriend.

*For more detailed information about the cure, see our previous article here.


VIVA – The Center for Modern Mayr Medicine
Seepromenade 11, 9082 Maria Wörth, Austria
Website . Tel: +43 (0) 42 733 11 17


Kristen VermilyeaContributed by: Zuri Girl Kristen Vermilyea, an American actor, filmmaker, writer and artist who has lived in Zurich for nearly 6 years. She hosts the Zurich Film Festival TV show and is a social media and film consultant.  When not watching and writing about film, she keeps busy attempting to learn to play new instruments as her four year old daughter has insisted they start a band.





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