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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 19, 2018

Online wine shopping personally selected and rarely found at the shop next door. If you’re looking for a stress-free wine shopping experience and love supporting passion-project business ventures, check it out ladies.

We had a chat with the brains & taste buds behind The Cellar and are happy to share what we discovered.

Cheers to The Cellar! 

Zuri Girl: Who is the team behind The Cellar? 

The Cellar: Gaetano and Giacomo are the founders and the mind behind The Cellar. They both moved from Italy, Tuscany, to Zurich in 2009 for their respective jobs in banking. Ania is the artist within the team: Russian, who just moved to Zurich from Paris where she got her master degree in architecture and design.

Zuri Girl: What inspired you to start The Cellar?

The Cellar:  Being Italians, good food and good wine is in our DNA…or even blood! We were indeed inspired by passion and by the desire to show the soul behind the label on a bottle of wine by telling the story of the land and the people behind it. 

Zuri Girl: How did you discover the wines you feature on the website?

The Cellar:  Being at a fair or during a trip to Italy, we constantly look at wines from producers close to our home regions. We meet them, we visit them, we hear their stories. They can be already known in the market or in many case, which we prefer, they are boutique producers with limited production but excellent wines.

Zuri Girl: If I’m clueless to wine, do you have tips for purchasing wine?

The Cellar:  Wine is a sensuous product. You want to chose a wine because you are carried away by its story, the way it is produced and its meaning and then you buy it again because it reminds you of a special moment, a feeling or simply because it was excellently paired with the food you had.

Zuri Girl: Do you host wine tastings or events we can join?

The Cellar: One of the pillars of our business model is to tell our clients the story behind, to let them enjoy the wines before they buy it. That’s why from time to time we organize ad hoc tastings or wine & dine events with wine producers and authentic food to pair. You are more than welcome to join us!

Zuri Girl: We’re always looking to stock up on great gifts. Do you recommend one of your wines as a hostess gift?

The Cellar: Each one of our wines is highly recommendable. However given your website vibe, we would suggest something fresh, sparkling, young and versatile for  various occasions such as an apero, a sunset party or a light fish/shell fish dinner. Try Bellussi Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG, Bellussi Spumante brut or Alcesti Cataratto pas dosè. 

Zuri Girl: What’s really special about the wines you’ve selected to feature vs. the wines we’d find at a Zurich wine shop?

The Cellar: You will not find most of our wines in a Zurich wine shop. Moreover, we don’t look at our wines as a product to make a profit. All our wines are individually selected by us. Behind each bottle there is a passionate work. 


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