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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on October 14, 2017
They questioned the norm and designed a collection of bags that are urban and functional.

The team behind QWSTION is a group of four guys who needed to find something that no one else was offering…so they created it themselves. Nine years ago they created the QWSTION backpack and the rest is history. The founders: Christian Kaegi (creative director), Matthias Graf (art director), Sebastian Kruit (sales director) and Hannes Schoenegger (CEO) are dedicated to timeless Swiss functionality.

We caught up with the team to learn a bit more about what makes them tick…

Job Related

GG: What, or who, inspired you to enter the field of work you are in now?
We were searching for a bag that could be the perfect everyday companion: timeless aesthetics with highest functionality. As we did not find this in the market, we decided to make them ourselves.

GG: Tell us about your latest projects…what are you working on at the moment?
We will be opening our third flagship store in Copenhagen soon, as well as a second Zurich store at Limmatquai for a limited period. We work on new products, and new materials and grow as a company. 


GG: Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
We are very transparent, no secrets. 🙂

GG: What are some favorite beauty products you cannot live without?
We like the new approach made by «Soeder» a lot. Organic soap produced in Zurich. 

Local Tips

GG: Tell us about you out on the town…any favorite restaurants or boutiques that we should check out?
Kreis 4 is the area where we spend a lot of time. Lunch at Lilly’s is always a good idea.


GG: How do you keep organized?
Being a small, but fast growing company, this is definitely a major challenge. There are some apps and tools that help – but eventually it’s a matter of team communication.

GG: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
Walt Whitman said: «simplicity is the glory of expression» and we believe there is some truth in that.


GG: Favorite blogger to follow: food/fashion/news?
We follow many platforms, some of them being: dezeen, designmilk, booooooom, nowness, FvF, to name a few

GG: What advice would you give to your younger self?
Go buy some bitcoins in 2014

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