loose weight in zurich

Fitness on the Go

Ski Holidays, Summer Holidays, Fall Break...The Swiss Schools seems to always have an excuse for an adventure, but how oh how gals can we keep our figure with all these holidays??

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Fitness Boot Camps Around Zurich

Don’t let the name scare you! Fitness boot camp is indeed what it sounds like (an intense workout class), but without the extreme conditions or someone yelling at you. Thank goodness! Zuri Girl tested several boot camps and is happy to share with you all you need to know to gear up for your next…

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30 Days with Dietitian, OVIVA

OVIVA, My Personal Dietitian Phone App.  Kate Middleton…Beyonce…they look so good because they have a 24/7 chef, fitness instructor & health coach right? Well, ladies, you too now have no excuse! Zuri Girl tried out OVIVA.

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