#SwissSkin. an Interview with Swissline Cosmetics

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 13, 2020

Ever wonder why Swiss women have such glowing skin? Is it the fresh Alpine water, abundance of spas, or access to high-quality beauty products? Perhaps it’s a combination, but we decided to do some research on Swiss-based skincare lines and consult with the gurus behind them.

We caught up with Custodio d’Avo, the Swissline Global Brand Director, to find out more about the brand. Join us on a journey of discovering Swiss Cosmetics…allow us to introduce you to Swissline.

“Beauty is becoming a reflection of health,
as opposed to a synonym for vanity.”
-Custodio d’Avo

GG: What inspired Swissline to launch the brand?
Custodio: Founded in 1989, Swissline was inspired by a passion for skin biology – still as relevant today as it was back then; a curiosity about what the skin would want, and what ingredients the skin would pick, if given the opportunity. This skin-centric approach to skincare formulation is a very Swiss. In fact, it led to the brand’s name: Swissline!

GG: Where can we find your products?
Custodio: We are present in selected retail chains, spas and medical clinics. Have a peek at some of our more prestigious locations around the world, or find us at our guaranteed-legitimate ecommerce Swissline-Cosmetics site.

GG: What’s your best seller?
Custodio: We are very strong in all-things-collagen. Amongst our best sellers are three urban-friendly SPFs for daily use. As important as it is to wear a daily SPF, it is often hard to find a high SPF that is easily and smoothly applied, and additionally goes well with make-up. Swissline has mastered that.

With regards to what I just said, our best sellers are: Cell Shock 360° Collagen Serums (one for face & neck and one for the eye zone) and Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 45 PA +++.

GG: What’s your personal favorite product and why?
Custodio: As I am so involved in product development it becomes hard to favour one child (lol), yet if I have to, then it would be Age Intelligence Recovery Serum which is a 2019 revamp of the original product I developed in 2007 when I joined Swissline. This is the product that I believe best reflects what’s special about the Age Intelligence collection as it focuses on the skin’s self-recovery mechanisms by targeting silent inflammatory chain reactions and building defences and “immunity”. Intelligent skincare should be about working with your skin… not against it. I also find something unique about this serum’s milky pampering touch, it just feels right.

GG: How would you describe the aesthetic of women in Switzerland?
Custodio: Most Swiss – women and men – are very inclined towards natural, authentic and proven things aesthetics-wise. As a foreigner working in the country now for longer than 15 years, I admire their no-nonsense approach to beauty. They don’t want to overspend, but on the flipside, they are willing to invest a lot in beauty when they trust the outcome. In general, Swiss people make thought-through and wise choices, which is great for brands like ours, which focus on results-oriented formulas.

GG: What trends are you seeing in beauty?
Custodio: Beauty is becoming a reflection of health, as opposed to a synonym for vanity. Formulations are seeking to positively affect the health of skin as a living, adapting organ, more than simply making temporary improvements in its aesthetics. For a brand which is passionate about skin biology, this is the ultimate joy, seeing trends like “microbiome”, “allergen-free”, “collagen and hyaluronic acid” becoming leading trends… these are the things we have been doing for decades. Skin-identical is the new natural.

GG: What’s your everyday skincare routine?
Custodio: I am not big on creams! (shocked? Smile.) As my skin has never really felt dry… over the years I found that mixing serums, boosters and ampoules – the more intense and concentrated products – gives me the best results of all. In the morning, following these somewhat personal “mixtures”, I always use an SPF 50. 365 days per year, in the winter, just as in the summer, indoors just like outdoors, I use an SPF. Night-time as I don’t need SPF, I do something different. I am addicted to acid toners, glycolic acid based toners…this is why we made our Age Intelligence Resurfacing Water with a punch – 10% glycolic acid. I use it every night but maybe other people would prefer it less often. The Recovery Serum, which I mentioned before, is my must-have night time follow-on product, together with a religious 8 hours of sleep, 99% of the nights!

GG: Any beauty or skincare tips for our readers?
Custodio: I have so many, but I prefer to recommend a place where your readers can find my tips on a weekly basis. A few weeks ago I started my own personal channel on Youtube… I invite you to visit (or even better, subscribe to it!)  The Age Traveller.

Thank you Custodio for taking the time to share your insight with us! After checking out the Age Traveller, it is so refreshing to see him admit to overcoming his camera-phobia and launching his very own channel that connects us with his brain and his passionate heart for skincare. In this space, he discusses ideas such as “clean-beauty, natural-chemical, parabens-preservative-free, fragrance-no-fragrance, sustainable-not-so, luxury-affordable, animal-plant, feminine-masculine… and more.” He teaches us that your skin is the hero, always repairing itself with the right products, not the marketing philosphy that suggests the rare flower blooming at midnight is the answer to a youthful visage.

Thank you for this gift and happy 50th birthday Custodio!


Swissline Cosmetics
Website . Bio: Custodio d’Avo

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