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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 17, 2020

Ever wonder why Swiss women have such glowing skin? Is it the fresh Alpine water, abundance of spas, or access to high-quality beauty products? Perhaps it’s a combination, but we decided to do some research on Swiss-based skincare lines and consult with the gurus behind them.

We caught up with Firass Chamas, the co-founder of elline, to find out more about the brand. Join us on a journey of discovering Swiss Cosmetics…allow us to introduce you to elline.

“Our plant-based vegan certified Retinol
is even safe for sensitive skin”

-Firass Chamas

GG: What inspired elline to launch the brand?
Chamas: The core idea was to combine two elements that Switzerland is well-known for: high-end skincare and the purity of the Swiss nature. We wanted to prove to the world that effective skincare can be pure too!

GG: Where can we find your products?
Chamas: We ship worldwide to our customers who order from elline’s official website elline-switzerland.com. In Switzerland, we are selling our products in one of the most famous and historic beauty stores ‘Osswald’, located on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. In the middle east we are based in the #1 luxury Department Store Galeries Lafayette in Dubai and for the Chinese market, we sell through one of the largest e-commerce platforms ‘T-mall’ since selling beauty products in local physical stores needs animal tests according to the local law…and this is against our policy—we are cruelty-free! 🙂

GG: What is your best seller?
Chamas: It is hard to say, in different locations the best sellers are different. Here in Switzerland the Instant Eye Lift is definitely our star and the 24k Lifting Serum is absolutely the highlight of our ‘Treasures of Youth’ collection. Since summer is coming, we assume that our stock of the Luxe Day Cream SPF 30 is going to be popular…. The protection of your skin is especially important during summer months.

GG: What is your personal favorite product and why?
Chamas: It’s a good question, and as well a difficult one. All the products are my babies, it’s hard to say which one is my favourite. Well, I personally pay attention to the crow’s feet and wrinkles around my eyes especially. Thus I very much recommend elline’s anti-aging Instant Eye Lift, it is absolutely a life saver. The physical tightening effect is intense, immediately noticeable and lasts for hours. It helped me to minimise my wrinkles and crow’s feet around my eyes. The results for me are visible.

GG: How would you describe the aesthetic of women in Switzerland?
Chamas: Variety is the word that comes to mind. The aesthetic of women in Switzerland is definitely various. I once heard that there is one international citizen in every 4 people here in Switzerland, so the women I see in this country are from different backgrounds and cultures. Thus, the concept of aesthetic of women should be various and I assume ‘Variety’ might be the most suitable word to be the answer to this question.

GG: What trends are you seeing in beauty?
Chamas: One is plant-based Retinol. Retinol gets all the attention, because it gets the job done when it comes to wrinkles, but retinol can irritate the skin and it isn’t safe to use for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. However, our research and product development team managed to create a safe plant-based and vegan certified alternative with proven effects similar to retinol, which is called VIT-A-LIKE®. We integrated this into our products and even people with sensitive skin have no problem with it.

The other trend is on the topic of Clean Beauty. Until recently, consumers were in the dark about some of the chemicals present in the products they used daily and the dangerous impact they could have on their bodies. But with the help of technology and social media, researching products has never been easier. With apps like CodeCheck, consumers can find out exactly what’s in their beauty products and whether it poses a health risk to them.

GG: What’s your everyday skincare routine?
Chamas: I always use the cleanser to remove the invisible dirt from the day so it doesn’t clog my pores. Then, I follow a straight forward routine of toner -> eye cream -> serum -> moisturiser. Every week, I apply a mask 2-3 times to nurture my skin and sunscreen is always applied daily, 20-30 minutes before I go outside.

GG: Any beauty or skincare tips for our readers?
Chamas: Oh there are so many! As I said earlier, please do protect your skin under sunshine! In winter as well. In European culture, the bronze skin is very popular. However the harmful ultraviolet from sunshine can damage your skin severely in some forms (UVA mainly associated with skin-aging, and UVB mainly associated with sunburns). Applying SPF included skincare products or sunscreen is essential for you.

Thank you Mr. Chamas for taking the time to share your insight with us!


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