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Summer in the Alps…on a Budget!

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 29, 2018

Take more time for yourself with 61 excursion tips + 72 hotel offers = 133 ideas for unique discoveries across the country. Next time someone asks your summer plans, they’ll be green with envy…as green as the hills you’ll be photographing and filling your feed with!

How it Works

Here’s the secret ladies…COOP Zeitung & Swiss Tourism released awesome, franc savvy summer discounts for 2-night excursions! Weekend packages start at CHF 129, per person for two nights including breakfast buffet & one evening meal!

These offers have been a Swiss secret for years, but now we’re so thankful the website & 800-reservation number is offered in English for the first time this year.

What to Expect

One thing we’re so excited about is that in addition to the discounted packages, they’ve also created travel tips. For instance, did you know Switzerland has over 10,000 kilometers of cycling routes that are well organized for everyone from beginners to tri-athletes? What a memorable way to discover the country! You’ll find information about these routes along with more informative ideas for things to do in each region on the website.

How to Book

From 29 May 2018 until the end of August, you can reserve your summer getaways in Switzerland by calling 0800 100 200 or online using this helpful page especially for Expats in Switzerland.

Zuri Girl Tip

The offers sell out super fast so don’t procrastinate too long on this one ladies! Trust us, it’s worth planning out and booking a few weekend getaways at these prices for the perfect summer!

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