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Summer Events in Switzerland 2018

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 19, 2018

What’s better than a journey on the Grand Tour of Switzerland? A journey that also includes comedy shows, firework displays, ferris wheel rides and concerts. And lucky for us, all this summer excitement is popping up throughout streets, mountains and piazzas all over Switzerland!

Be inspired by our top picks to Summer Events in Switzerland…

Franc Savvy Front Row Fun…The Buskers Bern Street Music Festival brings together 150 street artists cracking smiles and lighting up eyes throughout Bern’s old town streets with their music, dance, theatre, acrobatics, comedy and puppet performances.

When: 9 – 11 August

Where: Bern

Why We Love It: Sure, we love the big lights, big stage kind of performances with top billboard audiences. Who doesn’t? But what we really admire are these folks who are so passionate and so dedicated that they share their talents holding onto the hope that a few francs fall into their hat.

Plan My Weekend: Buskers Street Music Festival Website

Get Swiss…Yodlers, folklore, alphorns – you might throw these words around trying to sound “local” with your Swiss colleagues, but do you really know what they mean and have you seen any in action? Now’s your chance! The Alphorn Festival offers an official competition, a grand traditional procession, a village dance and productions by folkloric groups.

When: 20 – 22 July

Where: Valais between the Plaine des Ecluses and Lac Noir of Tracouet

Why We Love It: Minus the uphill climb to 2,200 meters where the events take place, the program is franc savvy free.

Plan My Weekend: The Alphorn Festival 

Family Fun…One of the biggest open-air festivals in Switzerland, discover 250 events by 700 artists performing through piazzas, streets, parks and outdoor spaces during this month long event in the beautiful village of Lugano. The program includes live music, street art, readings, magic shows and family events, many of which are franc savvy free.

When: 28 June – 1 August

Where: Lugano

Why We Love It: There’s really something for everyone. From Classical music to Reggae and from Urban Art to Fairy Tale Readings, it’s got road trip with grandparents written all over it!

Plan My Weekend: Long Lake Festival

No Hotel Needed…Less than 30 minutes from Zurich, Winterthur turns up the action as their streets are transformed into a giant amusement park with rides, performances and, of course, loads of ‘yummy on the tummy’ but ‘deadly on the waistline’ food stands.

When: 29 June – 1 July

Where: Winterthur

Why We Love It: It’s less than 30 minutes from Zurich so no hotel overnight needed and the train zips you there and back. Perfect for a day date with your man.

Plan My Weekend: Albani Fest

Office Closed = BBQ Open…Swiss National Day is August 1st and besides having the day off work, Zurich is filled with pride. The day starts with a traditional parade down Bahnhofstrasse and concludes with a magnificent fireworks show over Lake Zurich. In between, bbq’s are roasting, beers are opening and flags are flying.

When: 29 June – 1 July

Where: Throughout Switzerland

Why We Love It: It’s a country-wide celebration with bonfires, fireworks, farmer’s brunches, Swiss Flag decorations, church bell ringing and more.

Plan My Weekend: Zurich Tourism Website and Swiss National Day around Switzerland


Zuri Girl Tip: In addition to all these city-wide summer festivals, there are some great open air concerts you can add to your social calendar. Check out our list of Summer Concerts in Switzerland!


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