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STAMBHA – Live Your Truth

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 31, 2019

How are you feeling? No…really. How does your mind and body feel right now?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and do a thorough scan of your physical and mental well-being.

Many of us tell ourselves and other’s that we are “fine” but when we take an honest moment to listen closely to our needs, we are neglecting the inner voice (your soul’s purpose) that is begging you (your human self) to realign with your core being.

We recently had the opportunity to discover STAMBHA Yoga, a destination within Zurich that offers gifts far beyond traditional Sun Salutations. Ladies, this place is magical because it attracts the warmest hearts and souls this city has to offer. In a land where people can seem distant and friendships don’t come as easily as they did in your home country, you will find that warm hug you’ve been craving in this sacred space.

Here are the reasons we absolutely love STAMBHA Yoga:

The Core Essence: The guiding principals behind STAMBHA are crystal clear: COME AS YOU ARE and LIVE YOUR TRUTH. The team of like-minded individuals have joined together to create a community where authenticity reigns and you can feel safe to just be yourself…then be inspired to dig deeper.

The Founder: Ezgi Fisher (centered) is the most balanced person you may ever meet. Speaking in terms of the elements, she is a rainbow of sunshine illuminating this earth in human form. She is breath of fresh air who confidently dances like the flames of a fire, while elegantly riding the waves of life’s joys and challenges like a fucking rockstar! When you meet Ezgi, you are embraced by her welcoming nature and colorful spirit. Once you discover her past and what drives her to get up every morning and live her passions, it will come as no surprise this woman embodies someone who was sent from heaven to serve a divine purpose: To help YOU become the best version of yourself. She was born with a sixth sense and has spent her lifetime cultivating all the tools she needs to help everyone she encounters make transformational shifts towards their innermost goals. Begin with a private Neelakantha Meditation or Applied Astrology session. Trust us, she will give you all the feel-good-chills you need to believe and jump on board this journey of life with a fresh perspective!

Ezgi is pictured with Ariane and Hamsa from SPARK Zurich who are two beautiful souls who have dedicated their lives to conscious personal development by offering Family and Systemic Constellations, Conscious Projects, Reiki, and more. You can find STAMBHA and SPARK under one roof where they are able to combine their knowledge, experience, skills and resources to serve the wellbeing of those on a personal path of inner growth.

The Yoga Classes: Take just 60-90 minutes of time for yourself to lay a solid foundation for your building blocks…this light-filled space located near Tiefenbrunnen is where it all begins! The weekly yoga class schedule is affordably priced and varied with more than 15 different options led by 10 different teachers. The classes available tell their own story: Ranging from morning classes such as “Early Bird”, “Rise up and Shine”, “Embrace the Day”, or “Wake up your Senses”, over lunch classes with “Lunch’n’Flow” and “Recharge over Lunch”, up to evening classes with  “Welcome the Week”, “Fire & Nectar” or “Mix’n’Match”. There are also special classes like “Wisdom Warriers”, “Body & Mind 60+” or for families, we particularly recommend “Postnatal: Mom with or without Baby” and “Yoga ABC Family – Adventurous, Balanced, Curious”. Just get started by booking a class that fits into your schedule at their special trial class price beginning at just CHF 20.

The Invigoration of Senses. We are all so busy desensitizing ourselves while riding trams, trains and dull experiences amidst the hustle and bustle of our city. Within the STAMBHA space, the senses are re-ignited with clean air infused with essential oils, incense, fresh flowers and positive energy. The sound of Om is universal in all yoga classes, but for those fortunate to enjoy a class with Ezgi, she uses a shamanic buffalo drum to enhance the power of her chants and mantras that echoes vibrations all throughout the room, you can even feel it within your bones.

The Workshops: Meditations, Lectures, Applied Constellations, and guest teachers unite in locations all over Europe, as well as right here in Zurich, Switzerland at the STAMBHA workshop series. Workshops are weekend transformational journeys with international guest teachers around various topics and ranging from physically focussed master classes to other dimensions of yoga, meditation, philosophy lectures to astrology and beyond. Workshops are an incredible way to immerse into this world while engaging all of your senses without distraction.  

The Teacher Trainings: STAMBHA Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School offering 100h Yoga Immersions, 200h Yoga Teacher Trainings and 300h Advanced Teacher Trainings. Ezgi’s teacher trainings have been in Zurich since 2011 and her signature teaching program is broken down into 6 modules taught over 6 weekends.

The Retreats: While the yoga classes in Zurich serve as your foundation, the Yoga Retreats are the columns that support your spiritual house. Allow yourself the gift of dedicating 7 full days to your inner thoughts and deep journey of self-transformation while discovering beautiful landscapes. This year, there are two retreats:

Dance like no one is watching, live your truth and enjoy the journey!

Seefeldstrasse 231, 8008 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +4179 578 13 19

In Memory:
Ezgi’s husband, Jeff Fisher, tragically passed away on 23 September 2014 of colon cancer during the peak of their love and life together. Ezgi was granted with the most beautiful gift on earth…a soulmate who offered her true love. It was through this terrible journey of losing life’s greatest joy that Ezgi had the strength to transform into the incredible human she is today, spreading her gifts with everyone she meets. She understands pain and she is able to connect with anyone on a deep spiritual level under confidence and confidentiality. If you are struggling…please reach out for help.

Life is short…live your truth.

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