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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on May 27, 2020

In times of doubt, we look to the stars for guidance. With time, we realize this direction comes from within and the cycles of the stars are merely a reminder.

Moon Circles

This women’s circle is a sacred space.

Astrology is becoming more mainstream and we sat down with Zurich-based spiritual goddess, Inés Kelly who has been leading moon circles that are growing in popularity. What is a moon circle? Well, for the non-spiritual it’s simply a reminder to set and review your goals…but we wish to go much deeper and heart-felt.

Unlike men who tend to operate in 24-hour cycles as the sun, women are lunar beings with 28-day cycles. Similar to farmers who use the lunar cycle to plant seeds and harvest, you can become aware of the energies around you and integrate accordingly. Once we take the time to understand and ride this flow, rather than operate with strict societal conformation, life truly becomes easier to accept and enjoy.

Twice a month, Inés hosts “la luna circle” which is a wellness community for women to meet via Zoom or in person to connect with yourself and your own personal desires. As your spiritual guide, she uses shamanic practices to light the path for inner journeying though visual meditation. When you allow her soothing voice to influence the experience, the symbolism that appears can be rather powerful because only you will know what it all means and the takeaway can be grand. It is very common that women who attend these moon circles do not know why they are there…but it becomes clear by the end. Essentially, the guiding principals are:

New Moon.
Always a beautiful time to plant your seeds. The sky is empty and there is a blank canvas to be filled with your vision and dreams. You can work towards and watch your intentions grow throughout the month.

Full Moon.
Take a moment to look back, and look forward. Do you want to course correct your intentions or create new actions and manifestations?

If you are thinking about changing your job, your relationship status, or simply want to improve your personal routines, the la luna circle is a space where you can gather and feel the power of community, as the women around you are virtually going through similar life changes and wish to invoke natural cyclic living. No one is there to fix anyone else’s problems, rather the benefit of this collective is to share the space and amplify that inner healing journey because the energy intensifies when people are in a collective.

We are not there to fix anyone’s problems,
just share the space and amplify that inner healing journey.
– Inés Kelly

Feminine Essence

Connecting to your feminine self is a beautiful process.

We take on so many roles, often without much support, so the masculine in us comes out and dominates. We are known to take on the weight of the world and feel obligated to execute. Going back to our true nature allows us to realize that it is deeply rooted in us to “just be” and it is okay to give ourselves permission to feel and behave more feminine.

In tribal settings, men were the givers and women were not only the receivers, but they were supported by a community where having someone else cook your dinner or watch your children was not considered a favor, rather just something everyone did naturally. In today’s world, it is important that you find your community of women that you resonate with so that you can take a step back and “just be”…this looks different for each woman and her needs, but in quiet solitude, your needs will ultimately be met and with the guidance of Inés, the path is illuminated.

Invoking the Senses

The power of essential oils.

Inés incorporates essential oils into her daily life, even her two children know to roll on a blend to soothe aching tummies or aid with sleep. From monthly workshops and webinars, she believes essential oils are amazing allies that you can incorporate into your own health and wellness routine and she is able to help guide you through this process. She currently sells two of her own blends: Divine Calling which helps you connect with your own intuition via vetiver, roman chamomile, vanilla and sweet almond oil. There is also the Wild Woman balm that will bring you back to your physicality during a time when you are feeling rather wild, sensitive and receptive to the energy around you, balancing hormones with clary sage and marjoram which aids cramps. These two blends are sold at Pop-ups and via her website.

Meet Inés Kelly

Self healing influences 7 future generations.

Born in Peru, Inés moved to the US when she was just 2.5. At the age of 13, she moved to Zurich and although she was inspired to live a life in the fashion industry, going as far as to study in Milan, something changed her course. All of a sudden books started to appear in front of her, including Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal your Life. Inés decided to listen to this internal calling because while reading one section of the book, her own experience was so powerful. Emotions were evoked, tensions were released and she was touched on an a deep personal level. This was her spiritual awakening that brought her closer to her true self and since then she has dedicated her life to helping women discover their own internal transformations.

As a student of life, she is constantly learning and further integrating lessons into her being. She has learned that when we heal something within ourselves, we are able to heal that block from 7 generations prior and influence the path for 7 future generations. Her openness paves the way for women to resonate with her teachings and her “la luna circle” or 1:1 sessions are a wonderful way to get introduced to the beautiful world of Inés Kelly.


Inés Kelly ღ
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