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GG Zurich posted on February 18, 2019

We are so thankful to have an english-speaking academy focused on drama and musical theatre right here in Zurich.

With weekly, summer & performance offerings, Simply Theatre is providing children ages 4 – 18 with a priceless experience of learning both about the on-stage world as well as building their long-term confidence, creativity and presentation skills.

We were quite excited to speak with the Zurich Director, Peter Grafton, to learn more about this cultural hub dedicated to performers aged 4 to 18 years olds. Here’s the scoop gals…

A Star is Born

Simply Theatre began in 2005 in Geneva but us Zuri Gals are lucky enough that they created a 2nd location focused on Zug & Zurich and have since turned it into a full academy training over 200 students annually in the areas of drama and musical theatre.

Currently, 21 weekly classes are offered in 3 semester blocks at locations in Zurich, Baar and Steinhausen.

Curriculum syllabuses are created annually by the Academy’s professionally trained staff, allowing them to stay current in the theatre world. For example, this year a lot of focus has been placed on “new musicals” tuning in on the latest hits like The Waitress, Anastasia, School of Rock and Big Fish and with drama courses exploring plays such as Dear Evan Hanson for our seniors and Aliens Invaded my Talent Show for our junior performers.

And the end of the academic year each class performs its own showcase which is an opportunity for students to perform in front of friends and family on a professional theatre stage.

All the Worlds a Stage

It is quite true and so much of what’s learned in a drama class can be applied to the “real world”. Children have the opportunity to gain self-confidence, practice public presentations and creative thinking. Your little human will one day be out there in the big, bad world and skills learnt in a theatre class can practically be applied to so many areas of their future life.

In addition to the benefits of lifelong cultural awareness, children will gain skills in the areas of: teamwork across groups; learning to both “play” & “create” spontaneously with others; storytelling / improv skills; body & voice confidence and presentation techniques. Although we often think of the extroverted child yearning for stardom, children of all personality types can gain value tremendously from stage classes, giving them an opportunity to use their voice and build their confidence.

Crazy for Culture

If your kids don’t want to take part, it’s still such a cool experience to get them to the theatre! Zurich is a tricky city to find affordable, family style performances, especially if you are looking for English only. Simply Theatre is working hard to become the “go to” performing arts academy for accessible, high-quality, children-oriented performances.

Next up…Alice in Wonderland! Over 50 performers took part in a two day audition process from which a tremendous young cast was chosen aged 10-18. The show will be performed on 2nd and 3rd March at Miller’s Studio Theatre in Seefeld, Zurich.

The production is directed by Oxford Music & Drama graduate, Lata Nobes who travels specifically from the UK to lead what will be a fabulous show. Her professional experience is priceless for the children – being able to learn from someone that works in the arts and gain an understanding of the significant hours and preparation that are involved with a full-stage production.

Reserve tickets via their website or be a lucky winner with Girlfriend Guide. We’re giving away 4 tickets to one winner. Complete the form below before midnight on 26.2.19 to enter to win!

School Camps Too

From mid July to August, Simply theatre hosts summer camps for kids ages 7 – 18.  The summer camps are a great opportunity to work with experienced theatre practitioners, specialising in acting, vocal coaching, choreography, stage combat and magic.

Expect fun themes like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Abba Mania and Kids will Rock You.

It’s an excellent opportunity to get a taste of Simply Theatre before committing to a full semester.

Tell me More

Well, you have to go and see for yourself ladies! Register for a class, a camp or “simply” go check out a performance. What we certainly encourage you to do is support Simply Theatre! It’s a standing ovation for what they are doing…regardless of Swiss or Expat heritage, they are bringing together cultures from all over the world and creating a common bond: an environment that fosters creativeness, confidence and community.

Thanks Simply Theatre for giving Zurich kids an amazing opportunity!


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