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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 24, 2017

Raise your hand if you love window shopping! Now imagine you can window shop from the comfort of your home and reserve online the items you wish to see in person the next day. Ladies, the solution is here! Stores & Goods is a digital platform that gives real brick-and-mortar stores in Zurich a virtual shop window. That’s right, you can shop the Old Town, Niederdorf and trendy Kreis 4/5 neighborhoods from the comfort of your home! Here’s why we love Stores & Goods:

Support for Independant Boutiques
Small passionate business owners have a challenging road ahead. They overcame their fears and decided to open shop; however, the saying “build it and they will come” is not always true. Marketing to the right audience and hoping for viral buzz can be challenging. Fortunately, Stores & Goods has an opportunity to help small shops survive against faceless corporate giants selling similar products.

Window Shop Online
There are currently 40 boutiques on this expanding portal, including some of our favorites: Changemaker, Fidelio and Vestibule. Just have a look around and you will see that Dreams Do Come True.

Cool Contests
There are so many opportunities to enter and win cool contests! For example, this photo was for a Spring promotion for Dilly Socks and the winner received CHF 50 in colorful socks! Did you know Dilly Socks are a Zurich institution…designed in Switzerland and produced in Portugal? Not only can you win some fabulous threads…you can learn more about local designers too!


Find What You’re Looking For
If you are going to a party and need a pair of red shoes to match your outfit…don’t waste your Saturday hoping around from boutique to boutique when you could be at the Badi with friends instead…just hop online and search ALL your favorite stores (and many more you didn’t even know existed!) for what you need. The next day, visit the store(s) so you can try the shoes on in person and voilà!

The Convenience
You can shop Zurich’s boutiques from your iPhone…while on the tram…in your pajamas! Seriously.


Stores & Goods
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