Secondhand Day 26.9| Map Your Sustainable Shopping Spree

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 18, 2020

Clear your calendar for Saturday 26.9, grab a girlfriend, and map out your Secondhand shopping spree. The organizers have made it very easy for you to see who are the participating secondhand shops in Switzerland so you can organize which locations you will explore…and where you will stop for coffee and cocktails in between visits. Shop with a good conscience because after the event, Ricardo will plant a tree for every product sold!

To make planning a bit more interesting, we had a look at a few shops within Zurich and just an hour outside the city for some seriously sustainable exploration (if you take the train of course), here are some of our favorite secondhand shops for this special day:

“Buying vintage is an earth-conscious
global incentive— re-use, buy used
and feel good about yourself,
your unique outfit,
and your worldly impact.”
– Rosa Enn, Founder

Vintage Couture Treasures

Let’s be honest, we love secondhand shopping for high end vintage finds and Abito Allora is the place to update your wardrobe, from clothing to accessories. Here, you will find the most beautiful brands at affordable prices and the stylish founder Rosa Enn will be there to help ensure you find the perfect treasure to match your style.

Abito Allora
Lagerstrasse 102, 8004 Zurich (map)

Exploring A Thousand Lives

Not only is this the first second-hand outdoor shop in Zurich, but on the 26th they are offering a pretty rugged workshop we love: Make a doormat out of your old mountain rope! Participation is free. Bring your old mountain rope or buy one for 25 francs and your doormat will be ready in 1 hour.  There are 4 stations; Max. 1 person or 1 couple from the same household. No registration necessary, first come, first serve.

2nd Peak
Europaalle Passage
Lagerstrasse 10, 8004 Zurich (map)
Secondhand Day Details

Closed Suitcase Auction

When lost items from trains, trams and busses are found and never reclaimed, they sit patiently until a later date. Sometimes entire suitcases are never reunited with their owners, and on the 26th two of these “surprise” suitcases will be auctioned! Bidding is only possible in the shop between the hours of 10 – 15.30 and after the auction closes, you will open the suitcases together to explore what’s inside. All personal items will be discarded and should there by any technical devices inside, they will be restored to factory settings. You may just get lucky!

Albisstrasse 54, 8038 Zurich (map)
Secondhand Day Details

Sewing Friends Unite

For our creative girlfriends, this fabric swap exchange will be a fun way to trade in your fabrics for someone else’s material treasures. No cash will be exchanged, just colorful smiles!

Gubelstrasse 39, 8050 Zurich (map)
Secondhand Day Details

Wedding Bells are Ringing

If you or a girlfriend is planning to get married, consider escaping just 1 hour outside of the city to visit Monarosa Secondhand in Bronschhofen. Her secondhand wedding dresses are of exceptional quality and fair pricing.

Monarosa Bridal Fashion
Hauptstrasse 62a, 9552 Bronschhofen (map)
Secondhand Day Details

Bärner Brocki

Not only are they the oldest Secondhandshop in Switzerland celebrating 125 years of sustainability, but they are also employing wonderful people who have psychological challenges. The Bärner Brocki is located in Bern, so we recommend planning this one for a day-trip and here are some of our suggestions to enjoy sightseeing in the UNESCO city of Bern that day.

Bärner Brocki
Hofweg 5, 3013 Bern (map)
Secondhand Day Details

Bookette Bookshop

If you’re going to take our suggestion above and head to Bern to celebrate Secondhand Day, the Bookette Bookshop is not to miss. They sell books about music, those written by musicians, or novels that are about music in the broadest sense. Enjoy the day trip and a visit to the Swiss capital.

Monbijoustrasse 24, 3011 Bern (map)
Secondhand Day Details

What is Secondhand Day?

Conscious consumerism is taking on a new meaning when we strive towards an economy without waste. That is why Ricardo is organizing the first national Secondhand Day on 26 September in collaboration with Circular Economy Switzerlandmyclimate and 20 Minuten.

Have a fun time exploring and please send us an email about your day so we can share it with the organizers. This is the first national Secondhand Day in Switzerland and we look forward to many more to come!

Happy Shopping Ladies!



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