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Romantic Getaway to Gstaad

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 6, 2014

There is much more to Gstaad than fur coats, designer shopping, casual celebrity sightings and a few runs down the pistes. This cozy village is host to one of Switzerland’s most romantic getaway destinations, evident by the fact that while Zuri Girl was in the village researching this article, the royal wedding between Andrea Casiraghi (son of Princess Caroline of Hanover and nephew of Prince Albert of Monaco) and his beautiful bride, Tatiana Santo Domingo was celebrated. In the footsteps of the royals, we have the scoop on how to plan your romantic visit to this magical resort.

Come up – Slow Down

Grab your man and get away from the buzz of the city to recharge your batteries and rekindle your romantic flame. While there are more than 40 hotels in the region, we recommend you check yourself into the five-star Wellness & Spa-Hotel Ermitage in Schönried, the sunny terrace overlooking Gstaad. A few reasons why we believe this is the most romantic hotel just 4 minutes from the heart of the village :

With so much to do at the Ermitage, clearly there is no reason to leave the hotel…however, you are in the destination Gstaad and must explore all the villages have to offer. A few romantic tips to help you plan the perfect trip:

Rich in history

The 1899 Fire of Gstaad was actually caused by a disgruntled local who was not hired for the job he applied for. He decided to burn the storage of the business which led to mass destruction; however, the city as rebuilt itself to unparalleled glory and thanks to the special routing of the railroad tracks that arrived at Gstaad village in 1906, Gstaad became part of connected Swtizerland rather than a forgotten farmers village. It was not until the 1960’s that the celebrities of Hollywood – Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Fred Astair – put on big parties and attracted world-wide attention to this jet-setting village who respects the privacy of locals and celebrities all the same.

While walking the promenade, take notice of the Chesery. This historic cheesemaking factory is now home to one of Switzerland’s most gourmet restaurants with 18 Gault Mailleau points and Robert Speth was named Chef of the Year in 2005. Have a look at the original market square behind the restaurant…The Vieux (old) Gstaad was built in 1730, with new Gstaad built in the 1990’s. The juxtaposition between old and new is seen everywhere, enjoy walking hand-in-hand while exploring the village of Gstaad and renewing your flame for each other!


This article was created in collaboration with and supported by Switzerland Tourism & Gstaad Sannenland Tourismus. The site www.MySwitzerland.com provides excellent resources and holiday inspirations. If you’d like a copy of their Switzerland Activation Kit complete with information, maps and brochures, please email your name, post address and country of origin to info@myGirlfriendGuide.com.

For trip ides within the Gstaad region, visit the Official Tourism website.



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