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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 5, 2020

There is a new concept store in town that is as elusive as it is exclusive. Discover a space filled with inspiration from an era when time was measured with passion and love.

Flamboyant Self-Expression

At the corner of Zurich’s most prestigious junction, Henri Maillardet invites you to marvel at the perfection achieved by this Swiss vanguard mechanician and artist of the 18th century, complimented by modern works, melting the universes of “the art society, high jewelry and the science of time”.

Art meets Luxury

Designed to reflect an artistic and intellectual lifestyle, the new exclusive Henri Maillardet Art Society – the Art Division of the Henri Maillardet Brand – is dedicated to identifying and nurturing the best creative minds with something captivating to say while supporting the brilliant works of our generation.

“We have the strong belief that the best innovations and artistic revolutions came from people by getting together and having meaningful conversations, the Art Society aims to be the place for people with a vivid interest in visual arts to come together and exchange ideas. It is a lively, homey environment and will promote the authentic artistic values of our generation. We address all people who reject the outright consumerism and who look beyond the democratization of luxury.” -Henri Maillardet

Mirror Your Art Personality

The public is welcome to find inspiration as well as acquire the artworks on display. The Henri Maillardet brand offers different ways to purchase a unique piece of art – this can become reality by renting, leasing or long-term financing. Henri Maillardet also offers a proposal of an individual art selection based on your personality, taste preferences and space requirements.

Toulouse Sheep by Gheorghe Fikl | Type: Oil Painting | Born in 1968 in Romania Fikl is one of Romania’s most original and thought-provoking contemporary artists. The new aesthetics soon became Fikl’s trademark and brought him to the attention of art critics and collectors in Romania, where he enjoyed tremendous success. This was followed by several solo shows in Luxembourg, New York, Lisbon and London, which began to open his work to a global audience.


Beyond his Time

Henri Maillardet was an 18th century Swiss avant-garde mechanic born 1745 in a small village near Neuchâtel, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. He spent most of his professional years in London making fine watches, but he is most famous for his Automata creations, imitating life though mechanical means.

Bahnfohstrasse 43/St.Peterstrasse 16, 8001 Zurich (map)
Website. Tel: +41 79 552 1431

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