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GG Zurich posted on February 14, 2020

When a classically French trained chef is sent out foraging for Schloss Schauenstein she is inspired. Restaurant KLE opened in Kreis 3 and here is what we love about it.

The Menu
Fresh ingredients are given a delicate infusion with spices, herbs, pickling and more…think acid, salt, smoke. The vegan menu is subtle, as just a little olive oil goes a long way. Enjoy simple ingredients, elegantly prepared, such as the Borlotti beans on radish folds and dried tomatoes or Zizi’s caramelized white mole with kale and toasted sesame, beautifully accented with locally grown umami. Brunch is delightful with housemade milk breads and flat breads perfectly paired with confiture and vegan cheeses…not to mention the dry-aged vegetables to take your experience with legumes on a new adventure. Dessert? Well, let’s just say the cacao nibs and beans are internally processed to perfection for a grand finale.

The Vibe
Situated on a bright corner in Kreis 3, the historic 1870’s building welcomes you with the warmth of original work and a kitchen filled with soul. With less than 40 seats inside the restaurant and 16 in the private dining room, you will notice the space was built with love by Zizi and the family, accented with subtle Moroccan touches. During warm days, the summer terrace is surrounded by a grapevine and comfortably welcomes 40 additional people to enjoy some of the city’s best coffee and cocktails…

The Coffee & Cocktails
With many local roasters to choose from, Zizi met Simone & Denise from Vertical Coffee Roasters and there was simply no other competition. This duo from Aargau have perfected their roasting style to take your discerning palate on a mouth watering adventure to highlight the coffee’s origin and unique flavors. The Breakaway Espresso blend is one delightful option, rich with vanilla and dark chocolate, low acid and big body.

Classic cocktails are a passion and the wine list includes 30 percent locally grown Swiss wines particularly Sauvignon Blanc from the Graubunden. Treat yourself to refreshing and housemade alcoholic drinks and gorgeous apple ciders from a family farm in Thurgau.

The Team
Bernd and Alessandro aka “Mario & Luigi” complete this talented trio, along with Zizi, the ambitious owner with engineering background who changed her life path to follow her love for cooking and serving good food to friends. Zizi and Ale united as friends while working together at Schloss Schauenstein, then Bernd from 7132 Silver in Vals joined the mix combining their love for good food, excellent service and a good dose of laughter to keep each day filled with memorable stories to share.

Restaurant KLE
Zweierstrasse 114, Zurich 8003 (map)
Website . Tel: +41 44-548-1488


Photography by Erna Drion
Did you know: Sauerklee is a plant that grows in the snow, delicate but resilient. It is nutritious, full of antioxidants and the first plant Zizi went foraging for in the woods when she was an apprentice at Schloss Schauenstein.

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