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Rainy Day Activities

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on November 1, 2011

“What to do on a rainy day?” is a popular question among singles, couples and families living in Zurich. A rainy day is a great excuse to cuddle up with a movie and hot-mulled wine, but after a few rainy days in a row, your indoor haven starts to stifle.  Do not fear the threatening rainy days of November. Zurich is boasting with activities waiting to welcome your wellies and ZuriGirl has tons of fun ideas to ensure you never again have the bad weather blues!


Paint Pottery!

No worries if you are not a natural artist, Fire-works provides all the essentials to create a perfect masterpiece and their staff, fluent in English, help guide you along the way.  They offer a plethora of items to paint from Christmas decorations to doggie bowls to serving trays as well as all of the paints, brushes, stencils, idea books, etc.  Settle into one of their family style tables with a cup of tea and spend hours chatting with friends and perfecting your work of art.


Eat Cheese!

While sailing along the Zürichsee waters, though it may seem a bit ironic during a thunderstorm, it is perfectly safe and comforting to be cuddling inside over warm fondue and good company while the rain drops are pitter-pattering along the windows.
The Cheese Fondue Cruise sails every Tuesday from Burkliplatz at 19.00.
Now who could pass up 2.5 hours of scrumptious fondue and a good glass of Swiss Fendant??


Pamper Yourself!

Rain pouring on you while rushing to work might not be that luxurious, but transfer yourself to a rain bath and now we are talking! The Thermalbad & Spa Zurich welcomes you to their oasis of warmth.  Revitalize amongst their massage jet pools, spa baths, whirlpools, meditation areas, steam baths and, if the rain takes a quick break, their open-air roof top bathing area with gorgeous panoramic city views.


Learn & Explore!

Zurich is sprawling with enticing museums waiting to welcome your rainy day blues.  If you aren’t familiar with the city selections, the Zurich Tourism website is the best navigation tool to find out what’s happening on your rainy day. They provide a feature that allows you to search for specific days and museums only so you can easily glance through the exhibitions and find the best fit for your style.



Attend a Hockey Match!

Even if you are not a “real” hockey fan, live games are always a blast and you are a local now, so why not support the ZSC Lions!  They play regularly throughout the Autumn at the Hallenstadion in Oerlikon and offer great discounts for families with children under 6 free and children under 16 only CHF 10.




bowlingDepending on where you are from, the “old school” Swiss style bowling may shock you, but hey, that is half its charm.  Nearby Bowling Alleys include:

Kellerstube: This Swiss restaurant features a hideaway bowling alley in its basement, ideal for groups. There are 2 lanes and seating for 10+ so if you call ahead, you might have it all to yourselves! The style is very old-fashioned with pins fastened by strings…don’t even think about electronic scoring…

Landhus: Situated in a hotel and restaurant facility, this bowling alley offers 6 alleys of 10-pin bowling with electronic scoring.  They are open all week, including Sundays and the entire restaurant menu is available in the alley.

Bowling Universum: Located a short ride from Zurich in Dietlikon, this bowling alley is ideal for the party crowd, with their weekend hours extending to 2am.  Check their calendar as they have weekday specials including CHF 5 Tuesday games.



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