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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 19, 2018

Ladies we all share a common problem. Why does our closet always seem oh so boring?

A little change in office wear or even a beautiful dress for that special night out would really be lovely now wouldn’t it?  But the thought of expensive price tags and sorting through racks seems a bit too overwhelming these days.


Allow us to introduce you to RAGFAiR. They offer you the chance to add spunk to your closet without all the commitment strings attached. They promotes reusing fashion and creating unique fashion identity from high quality and outstanding design. Problems like overloaded wardrobe, “nothing to wear” moments, “too expensive anyway” and limited selection will not appear again thanks to RAGFAiR.

How it Works

They offer you a monthly flat fee of CHF 129 to rent 3 items at once. This includes one time free shipping both ways per month and you can exchange 1,2,3 items whenever you want!

So basically you get to rent as many items you wish. As soon as RAGFAiR receives the shipment back, they will empty/unlock the wardrobe of your account so you can choose what you want again. And if you’re not happy with the service, they guarantee a 100 % refund.

RAGFAiR only ships like-new quality and clean apparel and repair each piece between the rentals so quality is not a concern.

Zuri Girl’s Lucky Experience

This Zuri Girl was lucky enough to have a chance to win a month free trial from RAGFAiR’s Instagram event and wanted to share the experience with you.

Zuri Girl chose three items…the first one was for a nice dinner and we went with a green velvet dress from ZANETE AUZINA.

A slightly stretchy velvet dress with V-neck, it has a beautiful high collar embroidered with decorative stones that looks like a necklace. A draped part on the skirt and long sleeves and zipper on the back flashes details.

For the office, we rented a top with transparent sleeves from the same brand, Zanete Auzina. It was a light top with a slightly flared hem, and it has a hooked back closure with transparent long sleeves.

Actually this piece was long enough to wear as a dress (if you’re a 160cm short lady too).

Lastly we went with a floral dress by Christian Dior. It was a Bodycon midi dress with open shoulder neckline, and short sleeves – all in silk it was very comfy to wear.

The pieces were enjoyable and if bought separately, it would have easily been five times the rental cost.

Zuri Girl Tips

Exchange as often as you like in 1 month and send back 1, 2 or 3 pieces at once. The choice is yours.

There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee. Although we can’t imagine you won’t like it!

No stress of cleaning. Simply wear & send back.

RAGFAiR has accessories and bags as well so you can create a full outfit.

Ready to RAGFAiR my Closet!

RAGFAiR Website (in English & German)

Written by Zuri Girl Lillian…Spent her childhood in Hawaii, and growing up in South Korea, Lillian ended up in Switzerland after getting mesmerized by its beauty. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, traveling around the world, open to all culinary journeys and meeting new people.  In love with art galleries and movie theaters, you can find her chilling by the lake on a sunny day or wandering around exploring the city!  Follow her on Instagram

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