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Perfect Hostess Gifts

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on December 21, 2011

Hostess-GiftsWith all the parties and functions filling our social calendar this time of year, we are on the lookout for the perfect hostess gifts. A bottle of wine is always ideal last minute, but the most unique, memorable gifts are bought with thought and bring a genuine smile to the face of your hostess.

The perfect gift should be stress free, convenient to purchase during a visit downtown, inexpensive and something that that truly matches the personality of your hostess.  We also prefer small or “disposable” gifts, as space is a premium in most Zurich homes.

Zuri Girl has scoured the city for some of our favorite hostess gift suggestions.


The Foodie:
Conveniently located next to Stauffacher, Heuberger Wein & Gewürze offers a fabulous selection of house-made spices and marinades, along with numerous bottles of hot sauce from around the world. We recommend presenting your hostess with a Heuberger-made chili and spice paste.  Enjoy mixing gift items, as you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of options including kooky concoctions like Chili Hot Banana, along with well-known mixes, like Thai Green Curry. The schärf (spice) scale indicates the “hotness” so if you really want to light fire under your hostess, try the Halluzination chili paste, ranked 12 (one of the hottest).

Morgartenstrasse 12, 8004 Zurich (map)


The Chocolate Lover:
Just a short walk from Paradeplatz in Zurich’s Old Town, Truffe offers chocolate more unique than any creation Sprüngli or Lindt can offer.  Specialty farmer’s milk and dark chocolate squares from high in the Swiss Alps are beautifully packaged and presented.  Girlfriend Guide recommends treating your hostess to an assortment of Reichmuth Von Redding’s elegant dark chocolate.  This Swiss delicacy, gift wrapped in an lovely box is created using chocolate from the Swiss Felchlin, cocoa beans from the finest locations including Venezuela and conched for 72 hours.  The lovely shop owner Frau Capei happily encourages tasting, so you can sample your gift and likely be tempted to buy some for yourself.

Schlüsselgasse 12, 8001 Zurich (map)


The Shabby Chic:
On the Seefeldstrase shopping strand, you will find the darling family-owned shop Herzlich.  Designed for the girliest girl, Herzlich offers an array of adorable, primarily heart-themed odds and ends home décor.  From delightful photo frames and candles to dainty serving wear, this treasure-filled shop will delight the lady of the house. We recommend presenting your hostess with a ‘Tokyo Milk’ soap.  This fine French soap radiates a pretty perfume scent while moisturizing the skin with its pure vegetable base and Shea Butter ingredients. The packaging adds a classy accent to the washroom as it combines elegant colors with beautiful images – its enticing to keep wrapped forever.

Seefeldstrasse 12, 8008 Zurich (map)


The Nature Girl
Amidst the buzzing Neiderdorf cobblestone streets, you’ll find the shop H. Singenberger, created with inspiration by the owner’s passion for dogs and gardens.  The shop’s exterior greets you with overflowing assortments of accessories for our four-legged friends, but for our Nature Girl, this is also the ideal spot.  Surprise your hostess with a plant or herb seeds, a mini bag of soil and a flowerpot to match their personality. The tricky part will be selecting just one as H. Singenberger is lined with multitudes of options. Keep in mind the season, as you may need to opt for indoor seeds and don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions.

Marktgasse 8, 8001 Zurich (map)


The ‘Tchotchke’ Lover
For the girl who simply can’t resist a cute, somewhat functional, tchotchke (or knick knack) we found the adorable kitchen sponge holder with matching flower brush at Sibler Im Viadukt. This fun gift is under CHF 15 and conveniently close to the Markthalle filled with delicious foodie discoveries at each booth…making it a fun trip into the city to cross a few items off your to-do list: 1) Gift – Check. 2) Tonight’s Dinner – Check. 3) Girl Time – Check!

Im Viadukt Bogen 24, Viaduktstrasse 39, 8005 Zurich (map)


We hate to disappoint shopaholics like ourselves, but the best gift of all is home-made.  Package together your grandma’s pasta sauce with spaghetti and share your family’s decades-old traditions with your friends!


**This article was written by Girlfriend Guide and published in the Winter 2011 Issue of Hello Switzerland**


Do you have any favorite hostess gift ideas you would like to share with our Girlfriends? Please comment below, or email us!


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