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GG Zurich posted on October 19, 2016

Freshly grilled meats, bottomless champagne and service with a smile…that’s how we found our recent trip to the Palavrion Urban Grill.

You’ve likely passed by it…maybe even slightly confused by the name. Is it Marché? Is it Mövenpick? Is it Palavrion Urban Grill? Well, although it’s been in Zurich for years and is indeed no longer called Marché, we just recently had a chance to dine and are so glad we did!

Here’s the scoop gals…

The Ambiance

Casual, yet lively. Bright, yet homey. The Palavrion Grill feels like a neighborhood place. Welcoming you with rows of colorful veggies and a vertical green garden, the open-flamed kitchen takes center stage to the exposed brick, tiled interior.

Subtly mix-matched utensils and chairs send the message that stuffiness is by no means allowed.

Best table? Well, depends on who you are dining with? Business lunch alone…go for the bar-style table lining the kitchen but if you want a bit more intimacy, sink into the cozy circular leather burgundy booth.


The Food

Fresh, filling and not the least bit pretentious is how we’d sum up the menu.

Zuri Girl couldn’t’ resist trying a bit of everything and didn’t hesitate to start the night by unfolding her personal warm bread bag and dipping it into the spicy D’Orazio olive oils.

Moving onto the Mediterranean Antipasti salad and Avocado Tartar surrounded by smoked sashimi-style salmon and splashes of colorful veggies, we were off to a delicious start.

What next? Tough choice? Do we go for the 100% Swiss Prime Beef Burger? The Steak Sandwich layered with Swiss Cheese and Roasted Onions? Applewood Smoke Pulled Pork marinated overnight? Or the fire roasted, slow cooked chicken? Hmmm…tough decision ladies!

Sparks of flavorful aromas soaring from the grill led us to the Gentlemen’s Cut Beef Steak presented with a hearty salad, seasonal greens and 4 dipping sauces…loved the pineapple lemon-chili chutney combo!

Served on a long wooden board with scissors to slice, we also tried the pizza sizzling with goat cheese, apple, honey, tomatoes and caramelized walnuts.

Despite the generous portions, we couldn’t resist the beautifully displayed dessert tray lined with individual sweet treat parfaits.


The Drinks

We were giggling with glee over the wine pours here gushing our glasses with goodies from the Magnum sized bottles. Most places in Zurich fill your glass to the 1DL line and not a teeny weeny bit more. But at Palavrion Grill, they are not afraid to pour a bit more making your glass of wine feel more like a proper drink than a leftover sip!

Plus, wine bottles are marked up only CHF 25 the cost they are at the Mövenpick Shop (most restaurants mark up 3x the cost).

Being a cheap date is nothing to be ashamed of!


Zuri Girl Tips

Bottomless Bubbly. Pay only CHF 35 and enjoy as much Champagne as you’d like…just don’t forget to set that alarm clock for work the next day!

Private Room. Cozy setting for a special lunch or dinner party. A long table lines the fully-private room.

Bring the Kids! Kids under 12 pay 1/2 price on all menu items and receive a fun play pack to enjoy while waiting for their meal. On their birthday, they can gobble up a complimentary appetizer and main course.

Speedy Lunch. Don’t worry about missing your deadline…the Palavrion Business Lunch is served super fast. You can enjoy a nice, fresh meal and be back in the office before the boss notices you’re gone!


Palavrion Urban Grill

Beethovenstrasse 32, 8002 Zurich

+41 44 286 54 54 | Palavrion Grill Website

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