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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 18, 2019

We recently learned how 2 ladies who studied Biotechnology and Psychology created Enge’s Art Haven.

Hosting 5+ weekly art classes; 10+teachers; private party space; a donation “shop” and floor to ceiling pallets of color, creativity & fun, we’re thrilled to share the PaintEvents story.

With “Palette” as our suggested meeting place, we knew these ladies were about to bring a splash of color into our lives!

Here’s the scoop gals…

An Idea is Born

When German native, Annetta came to visit Song during her yoga studies in Canada, they attended a Paint & Sip Event and couldn’t stop talking about what it would be like to bring the concept to Zurich. Song had been addicting since moving there as it provided her a way to meet people in a new city with a creative twist beyond a “normal” meet-up.

Shortly after, once back in Zurich with the help of Planet Yoga, the 1st PaintEvents was held. 2 years later this dynamic team have hosted events in cool spots throughout the city like Stripped Pizza and Rieterpark and after scrubbing the paint off every possible place at their first workshop space, we’re excited they’ve opened up a permanent location appropriately labeled the “PaintLounge Zurich”.

The ladies and their team offer guided 2-hour classes in English & German covering themes like Fluid Painting, Pottery Painting, Zurich Watercolors and special programs including the upcoming Tea Ceremonies and Easter Marbles.

If you don’t spot Song or Annetta in their green PaintLounge apron, they’re likely researching future class ideas on Pinterest; attending unique events like the fundkunst.ch Pop Up or meeting up for city sketching with friends.

Top 5 Reasons Why we Love PaintEvents

1.Blending Cultures. Not only are colors mixed at PaintEvents but cultures too! The teaching team has roots in China, the UK, Lithuania, Germany and more. This melting pot of knowledge reflects the event attendees, many of whom are expats and non-Swiss natives (which also means the class language is usually English).

2.Community Classes. The events bring people together. From young to old and singles to couples & groups, the only criteria to join is a creative & enthusiastic mindset! Many women come alone and leave with a new friend (and pretty picture of course).

3.Franc Savvy. BYOB finally exists in Zurich! We love they encourage you to bring your own drinks and food. Glasses, plates, tea & coffee are provided. The room is open 30 minutes prior to the event start for a pre-painting apero if you fancy.

4.No Fear Newbies. 80-90% of attendees have never painted! There’s no commitment and no pressure. The goal is to Relax COLORfully!

5.Always Thinking of Others. The team’s passion for helping doesn’t end in the classroom. Although you may take home the artwork, there’s also an option to leave it for their “shop”. This area features artwork from attendees and teachers for purchase. All cash generated from the sales goes to a Children’s Village in Congo. No need for IKEA ladies – you have yourself an original piece of wall art with a cause!

Zuri Girl Tips

Dress to Impress. The rule doesn’t totally apply here. Better to dress for a mess! Just kidding ladies. PaintEvents provides aprons but it’s still best to not wear your favorite shirt just incase.

Private Painting Parties. PaintEvents hosts cooperate events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers and more.

Painting Addicts Rewarded. PaintEvents offers a loyalty card with the 9th class free. They also host an Open Atelier for those that are more experienced painting and don’t require personal instructions.


Strap on a green apron, sip a glass of red wine, get lost in the music and let the rhythm of the brush guide you during your hands-on guided art class with a dash of fun and spark of social flare!

Bederstrasse 82, 8002 Zurich (map) | PaintEvents Website

This article is sponsored by PaintEvents. We thank them for their generosity in supporting Girlfriend Guide!

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