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Pack your Picnic Basket!

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 4, 2011

Picnics are a fun and inexpensive way to spend a sunny summer day, and with Zurich’s beautiful scenery, we live in the perfect picnic city! Below you will find ZuriGirl’s recommendations for Picnic Basket Essentials and our favorite Picnic Spots around the city.

Looking for some delicious specialty items to fill your basket with? Consider a delicious dip from Heuberger, some wine from Steinfels La Maision du Vin, authentic hard cheddar from the British Cheese Centre and dessert from Cupcake Affair. Coop City has some cute picnic baskets available right now…Enjoy your fun in the sun!



ZuriGirl’s Picnic Basket Essentials:

Playing Cards or Trivia Games

Paper Utensils and Napkins

Wine / Beer Opener

Glasses (disposable is nice)


iPod / Mini Speakers


Blankets (dark colors incase of grass / dirt stains)

Garbage Bag

Food Covers (to protect against bugs)

Pre Sliced, easy to eat foods that won’t perish in the sun.  Ideas include: fresh bread; pre-sliced Italian deli meats; pre-sliced hard cheeses (soft cheese melts too easily) cubed watermelon; grapes; pretzels and chips with dips

Pre Chilled Water, Ice Tea and Lemonade (put in the freezer beforehand)

Pre Chilled Sparkling or White Wine and Beer (don’t forget a bottle opener!)


ZuriGirl’s Favorite Picnic Locations – Our locations cover each side of the lake and highlight both popular and quieter locations to help suit everyone’s needs!

Jet D’Eau Platform

Location: The platform sits directly opposite the Jet D’Eau (big fountain in the Lake) between Seebad Enge and Aqua Restaurant.  You must take the path between the parked boats – it leads out to the platform.  The Fountain and Lion are the best landmarks to follow.  (map)

Description: The Jet D’Eau platform is an excellent picnic spot for smaller groups. This is not a grassy area so bring a few blankets.  The platform sits directly over the Lake with the marina on one side of your feet and the water on the other!  When it gets too hot, you can jump right in so wear your bathing suit!  Free toilets are available across from Seebad Enge.

ZuriGirl’s reason to picnic here: Amazing lake, mountain and city views!


Lakeside Promenade

Location: Lake front! Adjacent to the Bellevue transport hub and behind the Opera House.  (map)

Description: The Lakeside Promenade provides intriguing entertainment for your picnic! It is an extremely high traffic area attracting tons of people, cyclists, street performers, rollerbladers and, in July, a great view of the diving board.  There are some grassy areas for groups, but you usually find most people sitting along the pier with their feet dangling over the water.  It can be difficult to find a spot as it is very crowded on sunny days.

ZuriGirl’s reason to picnic here: People Watching!



Location: In the Kusnacht area, above Lake Zurich.  (map)

Description: The Rumensee is a great place to picnic before exploring the forest’s many Wanderwegs.  There are plenty of walking trails for various levels throughout so you can work off that Brie!  This is a perfect area for large families as it is very spread out and there are shady and sunny spots.  Plus the toilets and bus are both very close making it a stress free day!

ZuriGirl’s reason to picnic here: Upgrade to a BBQ. There are several open pits available on a “first come, first serve” basis.




Location: Adjacent to Museum Rietberg with easy access to Bahnof Enge and Lake Zurich. (map)

Description: Rieterpark is an 83,000 sq yd park boasting beautifully landscaped gardens.  There’s plenty of grassy areas for large groups and if you are a picnic of only 2, several benches sit along the tree-lined exterior and on a clear day, they provide excellent views of the Alps!

ZuriGirl’s reason to picnic here: It reminds us of a charming English garden and has a wonderful sense of peacefulness.


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