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Our A-Z Guide to 2018

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on January 1, 2018

We all love new beginnings, filled with opportunities to explore the depths of our own personality and how we engage with the world around us. This 2018, we are thrilled to share our own A-Z Guide to getting the most out of the year. As they say as of 1 January, “Today is the first blank page in a 365-page book…make it a good one!”

After reading this list, allow yourself an hour of quiet time to pencil some inspiration into your 2018 agenda. In order to make the most of the year ahead, your plans need to start today. Go ahead…it’s worth it!

Book dinner with friends at a new restaurant in Zurich once a month. There are so many to choose from. Try Italian this month and Thai the next!

Connect with someone at a Networking Event. The Professional Womens Group, Professional Women’s Network, Zurich International Womens Association and American Womens Club are all helpful platforms for expanding your circle.

Discover Switzerland! Whether you wish to visit Ticino this summer, or Zermatt next winter, go ahead and plan out your weekends. Download this list of the most important Swiss events for 2018.

Explore Zurich city streets you have never walked down before. You never know what you will discover in Kreis 8 this week, or Kries 4 & 5 next month. Buy a 24-hour tram pass and hop on board. Stop when something looks interesting – no agenda, no planning, downright exploring!

Find the opportunity to enjoy new leisure activities for yourself. From museums and cooking courses, to comedy shows and dance classes…here are some fun ideas to help get you started!

Give a gift to someone in need. Clear out your closet with the help of a personal stylist and give your old clothing to women who need it more than you do. We recommend Rowena Downing and Monika Mueller at Signature Five.

Hire Help! What takes up a ton of your time with little return? Whether it’s a house cleaner, babysitter or grocery shopping, spend your time doing what YOU want to do.

Integrate more into Switzerland. Start planning now for a Swiss National Day‘s Farmer Brunch, take a Free City Walking Tour to learn more about the city, join a Swiss German singing choir, ask a Swiss colleague for coffee or learn Swiss German from a local.

Jot down 10 things you are incredibly thankful for in your life, and 10 things you wish to improve this year. Take a moment to reflect on what you love, how you can appreciate your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. For additional fun, treat yourself to a lovely new Farber-Castell pen and journal from the iconic Landolt-Arbenz on Bahnhofstrasse.

Keep your health a priority. We’ve met some great coaches over the years that can help you stay on track or get back on it if the case may be. Chat with Heidi Hauer, Vanessa Gatelein, Caitlin Dunn,  Sandra Mikhail or Danna Levy Hoffman to help create a program dedicated to you.

Lend a helping hand to others directly or indirectly. Room to Read has many volunteer hands-on opportunities while shopping at somewhere like Changemaker helps support fair-trade and social institutions or Circle – The Sustainable Shop for sustainable goods and up-cycled materials that support a budding entrepreneur in a third world country.

Mend an old relationship with a friend or family member. As we get older, we realize it’s the people in our lives that matter most and we can work harder to love all the idiosyncrasies of their behavior. Not sure where to start? Send a personal Swiss Chocolate Bar with your photo to remind them you care.

Open your mind to ideas other than your own. When we go into new situations with no expectations, it’s incredible how much more fun we can have just going with the flow. Attend an event at the Impact Hub or try out a techie course with Geek Girls Carrots CH.

Put your mobile phone down. While on the tram, look out the window and enjoy the buzz of Zurich city life all around.

Quit telling yourself you are not doing enough. Just be you, be the best you that you can be. Have respect for yourself and your decisions. Everything else will fall into place.

Rest. Rest. Rest. You cannot give yourself to others until you are properly taking care of yourself. Treat yourself to some beauty treatments, get a haircut, enjoy a massage, and practice Hygge.

Shop local. Next time you need a spice for the kitchen, a dress for a party or a gift for a girlfriend, consider supporting small local businesses. Shop stylish looks with local entrepreneurs at Peppermint Rent-a-Dressyoudressforyou.ch and hostess parties with beer from smartbeer.ch.

Try Meatless Meals. We loved tasting New Roots – Vegan Cheese and Natur Kosbar at Vegana last year and never miss stopping at Karma in Zug when traveling through.

Upgrade your sex life. Suprise your man with a gift from Amorana or book tickets next time Oh La La is in town.

Visualize how you want to look and make a bold step to make it happen. Contact Smoothline for Botox and Klinik Tiefenbrunnen for Breast Surgery with Lipofilling.

Wake up your body, soul and mind with essential oils. Chat locally with Angela Warm at Warm Wellness or pop into Farfalla in the Niederdorf.

Xray your diary. Do you like what you see? Use our Events Calendar to fill it up with fun ideas.

Yield to the daily grind by escaping for a bit. Book an Ayurveda Cure at Hotel Giardino, join a Body & Wellness Retreat with Top Hill Retreats or focus on your downward dogs with Yoga Rosa.

Zoom forward but don’t forget the past. Cherish it personally by making a scrapbook and framing it with help from Creative Cafe or immerse yourself in world history with a Guided Free Tour by Museum Rietberg.

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