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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 27, 2019

Zurich is about to get sweaty…and sexy.

Open Ride is bringing fitness to a new level, removing makeup and ego with the salty beads of sweat that break down barriers and builds connection to something more powerful than a tribe…we’re talking about human connection that is raw and gritty.

This October 2019, Europaalle will be rocking to a beat that is otherwise unknown to the city and here are just a few of the reasons we are ready to sweat it out, right here:

The Rides.
Which experience are you feeling? Do you want to Climax, Commit or Collide? The future of indoor cycling offers you climax right from the start with their Rhythm Rides. Here, you will experience the euphoric and uplifting sensations of working out to the beat of the music while wearing Bala bangles (weighted bracelets that are stylish and effective). Step up your game and Commit with a Power Ride, allowing you to break down your own personal barriers with focused determination, combining metrics with music. For a unique experience, Collide forces with an Event Ride…your very own party on a bike combining live music and emerging artists while working out to their mastered beats.

Be Prepared.
For a novice, this all seems quite intense and only for the cool kids…but babe, all you need to do is just show up. The team is there to help you get adjusted on your bike and once the music starts, you’ll feel all the feels and be glad you came. For all the know-before-you-go information, your questions regarding cleats, towels, showers and refreshments are all answered here.

The Shop.
Sweat + Euphoria is what you will experience…and with consistency, you will look better naked. Wrap your hottie body in the super soft OPEN RIDE towel series produced by Schoenstaub, available within the Open Ride online shop. We’re also digging their Nagata houndstooth workout attire and eucalyptus deodorent by Malin + Goetz.

Collide Rides.
Keep your eye on the schedule for the Open Ride Signature Ride Experience where you can get lost in your workout zone while pedaling to the beats of live entertainment, featuring locally talented emerging artists. You will experience the perfect collision of light, sound, movement and passion to up your fitness your experience.

Go on. Just do it.
You know you want to. Check out the introductory offer, two classes for the price of 1 and you’ll be hooked. Promise.

Europaallee 13, 8004 Zurich (map)
Website . Facebook . Instagram

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