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Oliver! The Musical

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 29, 2011

“Please sir, may I have some more”. The famous line that, while some of your friends might associate with the 80’s hit Animal House, any theatre buff knows this originated from the musical Oliver.

Oliver, a light-hearted, fun musical untangling the tail of an adorable orphan who is struggling to find a house to call home. Follow the strange, sometimes scary, encounters he stumbles upon along the way. Opening in Zug this weekend and performed by the outstanding English Theatre Group of Zug, Oliver, is a must see!

The performance details are included below, but first ZuriGirl is eager to share the inside scoop on Oliver, fun facts on the English Theatre Group of Zug, and a behind the scenes look at the intricacies necessary to create a full-scale musical.

The Cast
The cast of 70 are 100% volunteers with ages spanning from 8 – 68 and several families in the performance including mom/daughter teams; mom/son teams and couples.  While the cast members currently reside in Switzerland, their origins cover the globe with home towns including local Switzerland and expanding to Germany, the USA and England, to name a few.

The international crew began rehearsing in early March 2011 and donated their weekday evenings and weekends to learning lines, dance routines, blocking scenes and perfecting songs.

While a handful of cast members are newbies to the stage, many performed previously in their home towns or have been part of the English Theatre Group family before.  Some cast members are veterans to the Zug stage and might have made you laugh…or cry… at a past production (a few have been in over 20 productions!).

The Crew
The enthusiasm extends behind the curtains with 30+ backstage volunteers.  The costume team, whose main members have been with the English Theatre Group for decades, work wonders and have been threading their needles for months hand-making many of the costumes. While some costumes are on loan from a theatre group in Whales, they nevertheless require a great deal of tender loving care to ensure each cast member’s fit correctly.  Since the costumes arrived in Switzerland a few weeks ago, the costume team have spent many early morning and late nights hemming, loosening, mending and tightening to ensure a flawless appearance.

The backstage vibes continue with the props. While on show night, scene changes appear effortlessly, the props and back stage teams are working with intense, hand painted sets and over 100 props! But not to fear as they are veterans and have  worked with The English Theatre Group of Zug productions for over ten years.  Next time you see a little apple on stage and think nothing of it, guarantee much time was spent sourcing the right apple, prepping it in the correct spot and, most importantly, remembering to carry it onto the stage.

This is only a small taste of the intricate details and numerous groups involved in Oliver this weekend, but the core ingredient of all members are their commitment, dedication and passion…

The Passion
The English Theatre Group of Zug began in 1986 as an outlet for English speakers and theatre lovers to practice and participate in theatre.  Since launching, the group has staged over 40 performances ranging from musicals to British pantomimes to straight plays.  Their last musical was Guys and Dolls in 2006 marking the 20 year anniversary and re-creation of the first performance.

The group is a non-profit organization with all Board of Directors and club members donating their time; all publicity, fundraising, advertising, directing, coordinating and managing is purely produced by love! The individuals’ passion for theatre shines through in the professionalism of their productions – it is hard to believe they have “real” jobs beyond the countless hours dedicated daily to running the club.

Now…on with the show!


Event Details:

Dates & Times:

This weekend
Friday, 30 September – 19.30
Saturday, 1 October – 19.30

Next weekend:
Thursday, 6 October – 19.30
Friday, 7 October – 19.30
Saturday, 8 October – 19.30
Sunday, 9 October – 15.00

Zug, Casino Theatre. A lovely 15-minute walk or 3 minute bus ride from Zug Bahnhof. If you have not visited Zug, it is a charming town located less than 30 minutes from Zurich HB with adorable shops, lakeside restaurants and quaint cobblestone streets.

Various ticket categories are available:
1st Category CHF 50
2nd Category CHF 45
Children and Students are CHF 30
Purchase tickets online

ZuriGirl recommendation:
Oliver is a very kid-friendly show. Attend on Sunday afternoon and make a family outing of it!


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