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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on March 1, 2019

Give your body a boost and get your daily dose of happiness thanks to Zurich’s fun, result driven fitness classes. As a throwback from the article 2 years ago “The Latest Moves”, we are thrilled that some of our favorite fitness friends are opening new locations.

Don’t just congratulate them ladies but get off your computers and go join them!


Simon and Nora created this awesome flow class to combine the best of two worlds (Yoga & HIIT). The results – a fit, athletic & feel good body! Expect your heart to beat and your blood to circulate but savor the notion that the calmness of yoga will also greet you. From squats and burpees to balances and breathing, you’ll feel your core muscles and flexibility being challenged. Rewarded by the feeling of “I did it” feels so good!! This movement started in Zurich and is now spreading through Germany and Amsterdam…more shall come!

We love these fitness-forward leaders and are thrilled to support them! We break a sweat just reading their CV loaded with teaching roles in bootcamp, GRIT, kick boxing, body art extreme, bodypump, CXW, Fitboxe, Power Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Yoga, Yin Yoga and Antigravity. Oh and did we mention Simon was a professional tennis player and Nora teaches a variety of healthy food workshops. How’s that for motivation to get up and get out there gals!

Zuri Girl Tip: They also host retreats in gorgeous locations like St. Moritz and with cool programs included like Smoothie Bowl Workshops!

Find your Class: Athleticflow website

Body Love Fitness (Barre)

The Body Love Fitness philosophy is based on prioritizing self-care, wellness and loving one’s body. Owner Melanie describes the classes as “Comfortably Uncomfortable”. They offer small group (11 people max) Barre classes…a hybrid of ballet inspired movements, pilates and yoga set to high energy music. Giving you a highly efficient workout to sculpt longer, leaner muscles, recover from injuries, support active and healthy pregnancies and improve flexibility and balance.

No dance experience necessary, various level classes like Slow Burn Barre for beginners, water bottles provided, classes in English and there’s even a post workout refreshing treat! So what’s stopping ya???!

Zuri Girl Tip: The Zurich studio has been energizing women since 2014 and since February 2019 a 2nd location is open in Meilen. Join the Opening Party on 1 March!

Find your Class: Body, Love, Fitness Website


Have you read the article of Zuri Girl trying out indoor cycling with Velocity? We had an awesome experience trying out their indoor cycling studio classes: Veloburn, Velobeat and Power! We love their fire-charged workouts for every fitness level; the curated motivating playlists; international english-speaking teachers and nice touches that go a long way like the Dyson hairdryers and complimentary towels.

We’re so excited that Velocity has opened a 2nd location in Zug in February 2019 and there’s plans for a Zurich Enge location in April!

Zuri Girl Tip: Velocity is perfect for corporate party and catering is possible as well! If you’d like to try it out, using the promo code: MyVeloGuide will give you a 15% discount off your next purchase!

Find your Class: Velocity Website

Written by Zuri Girl Lillian…Spent her childhood in Hawaii, and growing up in South Korea, Lillian ended up in Switzerland after getting mesmerized by its beauty. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, traveling around the world, open to all culinary journeys and meeting new people.  In love with art galleries and movie theaters, you can find her chilling by the lake on a sunny day or wandering around exploring the city!  Follow her on Instagram

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