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MuDa: Gramazio & Kohler Exhibit

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on April 17, 2017

A new exhibition inviting you to discover the space between technology and design in Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler’s exhibit at the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA).

What to Expect

The duo’s work which tests, breaks and re-creates modern approaches to art, architecture and design are on display until 16th July 2017 in the Herdern Hochhaus, one of Switzerland’s first high-rise building, located in Zurich West Pfingstweidstrasse, 101.

Exhibit Info

In the late 90s while studying at ETH Zurich, Gramazio and Kohler began exploring the links between computers and art. In 2002, upon Nokia’s release of the ‘first affordable and programmable mobile phone’, Gramazio Kohler created mTable – an app which allowed users to custom design their own tables. While such an app is seemingly trivial today, it marked one of the first movements towards blending machine and design.

Although Gramazio and Kohler’s works are often seen as groundbreaking, they can also be quite controversial. In 2005, Gramazio Kohler Architects were commissioned to create Zurich’s prized Christmas light display. The pair, playing with LED elements and video loops, installed 275 coiled fiber glass lights (each measuring 7 meters tall) along Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. To Gramazio and Kohler’s surprise, the display created an international media frenzy. MuDa’s display allows visitors to come up close and personal to one of these famed Christmas lights.

Not to be missed is one of Gramazio and Kohler’s more recent designs, Sisyphus. Named after the Greek mythology figure Sisyphus, the king made to eternally roll a boulder up a hill only to see it continuously roll back down again, this robotic design loops in an endless cycle of creation and destruction – vacuuming sand, creating patterns, regathering sand and beginning the process again. The result is a beautiful mix of raw material and machine. Sisyphus and Robotic Cosmogony (another robotic installation now on display at MuDA) have been especially developed for this exhibit.

What we Love

Make sure to check out MuDA’s amazing, ongoing classes for both adults and kids!

Meta Talk is a forum for discussing our society’s rapidly changing technological revolution and how this impacts life as we know it.

Mums and dad should not miss MuDa’s Kibit – a FREE bi-monthly workshop for kids (4-10 years old) in which they discover how computers really work.

More information about MuDA’s talks, workshops and exhibits can be found on stream and on Facebook.

Exhibition Details

When: Through 16 July, 2017 | Tuesday to Sunday: 11 – 19, Monday: Closed

Where: Museum of Digital Art, Pfingstweidstrasse 101, 8005 Zurich (map)

Cost: Entry: 10 CHF

Additional Information: MuDA Website

Written by Zuri Girl Emilia…Emilia Siravo is a freelance English language teacher and researcher living in Zurich, Switzerland. Born in Philadelphia to a passionate Italian father and fiery Argentine mother, Emilia felt propelled to neutralize things by marrying someone Swiss. In addition to her work, Emilia loves going on long hikes with her husband and very active 3-year-old son, doing BootCamp and practicing yoga. Follow Emilia online on Twitter: @esiravo or read her blog

Photos courtesy of MuDA

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