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“Mom Jeans” Redefined

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on January 5, 2016

When the weather is gloomy and you have a break from the kids, it can be oh so enjoyable to stroll through a department store, if only just to browse and see what’s new on the racks.

Lucky for us, January in Zurich = SALES all over the city and we stopped into Jelmoli to have a lookie-loo at all the beautiful cashmere sweaters and down jackets that are 50% off…dangerous!

Then we turned the corner and saw a table filled with 7 For all Mankind jeans which reminded us that our jeans selection at home is lamely ill-fitted, so the inspiration struck to try a few of these trendy jeans on. As much as we are appalled at a CHF 250+ price tag, somehow the idea of a pair that makes our mommy butt look good again seemed worth the effort, in the fitting room at least.

The Styles:
There are SO MANY styles to choose from and fashion trends seem to be no guide, as both bootcut and the skinny jeans are popular. Anything goes! So we grabbed a pair from each style in the size we thought we were realistically (but secretly hoped we weren’t).


The Fitting Room Experience:
As women, we tend to avoid buying jeans often because the fitting room experience is a sore reminder of how much we despise fitting rooms! Those double mirrors remind you of all those flaws you cannot see on a daily basis, and why can’t they add a few “filter” options to the lighting in there…now there’s a concept! After trying on 3 pairs of jeans, we were ready to give up…but kept going since once you’re in there, may as well stick with it because you never know when the opportunity will strike again.

Ding, Ding, Ding:
Then all of a sudden, the last pair we tried on happened to be “the relaxed skinny girlfriend jean” (how appropriate?!) Ladies, THIS pair of jeans is heaven sent for all moms! They are made with a truly fabulous relaxed stretch denim and have a “boyfriend fit” that can best be described as slim fitting, but loose, comfortable and incredibly flattering. The waist does not creep down in the back when you bend over (to pick up another toy you just stepped on!)…and the pockets are deep and perfect for collecting all those little stones, and trinkets that the kiddos give to you to hold for safekeeping. Best yet…the size makes you feel great, as the relaxed fit allows you to go down a size (or three!) for that feel-good-about-yourself all over again!

Go ahead and check them out for yourself…or tell us, what are some of your favorite “mom jeans”?



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