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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 29, 2011

Quite possibly the future of boutique fashion merchandising across international borders,  the ladies behind Zurich’s own “Little Black Dress” boutique on Josefstrasse have collaborated with the Parisian designer, Anne-Cécile Meignan, to feature her classic (NO)SMOKING COLLECTION for a limited time in Zurich. Available for yearning and purchase from 1 October – 30 Nobember 2011.

There’s much to be said for a woman’s fashion needs and desires. We love the feel of a man’s tailored suit, but we need those feminine and flirtatious details that keep heads turning.

We were introduced to this fashion event by friend and fellow journalist, Tsitaliya Mircheva, from Zurich4You who eloquently describes the juxtoposition of feminine fashion blended with the structured seams found in men’s suits. In line with the ZuriGirl lifestyle, we love ladies who get out there to Immerse . Explore . Share.


By: Tsitaliya Mircheva
Two young European and world-recognized brands have joined forces to show the contrasts in a modern and versatile woman’s wardrobe: The Swiss “Little Black Dress” designers Eliane Diethelm und Joanna Skoczylas will open their boutique on Josefstrasse 45 in the next months to the Parisian “No Smoking Collection” known for its elegant lines and contemporary spirit of the traditionally tailored suits.

While LBD has become popular for giving a new meaning with an eccentric twist to the little black dress, the French designer Anne-Cécile Meignan signature is the timeless purified male suit with a female accent. The concept is built around the tuxedo and the look is smoking hot. Anne-Cécile Meignan obviously likes revisiting the classic cloakroom where one can find a smart graphic silhouette with a contemporary spirit, sometimes twisted by a rock and offbeat side.

The collaboration between the two labels recalls of Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait with cropped hairin a man’s shirt, shoes, and oversized suit (presumably her former husband’s).She holds the hand of the other Frida, who also likes wearing fabulous traditional Mexican dresses and scarves. Over the next two months, Little Black Dress and No Smoking Collection will present fashion pieces for exactly women: dynamic and versatile, confident and strong, but also tender and frail, who has a taste for beautiful materials and elegant cuts.

From 1st of October to 30th of November 2011

LBD Boutique at Josefstrasse 45, Zurich

Saturday, 1st of October/ 12:00- 17:00


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