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Meal Planning with Ease

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on September 18, 2014

calendar_icon“Did she really say that? “

Oh girlfriend. Zuri Girl got chatting with Health Coach Vanessa knows how hard it is to plan in the kitchen.

She is not a perfect “let’s just whip something up outa the refrigerator” girl.

She is a native New Yorker who loved ordering take out. We’re talking Sushi on speed dial! (But that’s just not happening here in Switzerland.)

Plus… she has two hungry boys on her hands every day in the kitchen wanting a delish meal fit for a king. She also remembers what it’s like to be single… and working like a maniac in a nutty on the road non-stop job.

So, let’s talk turkey.


There isn’t a one size fits all solution for meal planning as there isn’t one kind of high heeled shoe.

We’ll have to coach you through this one.
(with some potential solutions at the end of course.)

When we want to develop ourselves, we first need to understand that we are unique people with unique needs.

Start with acceptance of where you are right now. It’s totally okay.


Ask yourself…

What do you struggle with most when planning your weekly menu?

Honestly, what do you really want?

What would your dream food planning and shopping experience be?

Be creative here… free flow thoughts and really dream (as to really uncover the barriers and to create a potential solution that will work better for you.)

How much time do you want to spend in the kitchen?


4 Meal Planning Solutions

Now that you are clear on what you want and also struggle with… here are some tested and proven ideas that could work for you.

Vanessa’s suggestion is to read through and…pick the solution that excites you the most.

Then give it a try… SLOWLY as to not shock you and your whole family.


The 3-Day Win

Plan only 3 days at a time.

To eliminate overwhelm and the possibility that food will go off, plan and shop for 3 days. Then go shop for another 3 days. This will start you on a very good rhythm of keeping fresh food in the house and you will start to know more of what’s in your fridge and what’s in the shops for faster shopping.

Here’s a typical shopping list used by Vanessa for a few days of shopping.

3-Day Meal Plan & Shopping List



Keep It Simple Stupid

No recipes here. Plan on cooking foods simply based on a rotation of the basic nutrition requirements. The family can season the food as they wish with different sauces or condiments that you keep on the table on a lazy susan.

It’s guaranteed to be successful when your people can choose how they want to season their own food.

Don’t worry if the kids use ketchup on their spinach… at least they are eating green.

Kiss Meal Plan & Condiment Ideas


The “I Don’t Have to Think” Solution!

Try a food delivery service. 

Kochpost & Vidis Kochtüte are 2 of our favorites and all you need to do is follow a recipe. They each offer their own special twist, but you’ll find menus, recipes and ingredients delivered to your door with specialty options like vegetarian, Paleo and even wine.

Try even one step further and have the meals already cooked for you with Kompot.


Leftover “Make-over”

Plan to cook once and eat twice.

One thing that grosses some people out, is to cook meat. Although it tastes great, handling meat can be yucky. So the idea is to cook your meat with extra portions and use the leftovers in the next meal. This saves time and money.

Here are three examples…. One with meat and one vegetarian.

Rotisserie Chicken Leftover Make-Over 

Butternut Squash Leftover Make-Over


We hope that you find these approaches interesting and perhaps it sparks an idea within you to get your butt quicker through the shops and cookin in the kitchen… dare we say, “happily!”

From our fridge to yours… happy meal planning!


bio-shotArticle contributed by:

Vanessa Gatelein

Health Coach

Change your lifestyle and change your life.

Website: Food Changes Everything




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