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Learn to Ski in 3 Days!

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on December 26, 2016

Not all of us were born on a pair of Stöckli skis, and have the ability to ski as elegantly as our Swiss neighbors on the chairlift. Rumor has it, the snow is coming soon… and we are getting ready to lock in our ski boots into a pair of skis to conquer our desire to fully enjoy the Swiss Alps.

Fortunately, there is the Swiss Ski School with over 170 locations throughout Switzerland.  For any of our girlfriends who have never skied before, you can enjoy a long weekend in the mountains and learn to ski in just 3 days!

Here are the top reasons we love the Swiss Ski School which has been in operation since 1932:

The Team of Instructors:
Learn from the best team of ski and snowboard instructors are passionate about teaching you how to ski well, whether you are a beginner or advanced skier. They are all very professional, having trained for at least 3 years in the study of professional snow sports. Once you reserve time with an instructor, the reception team will pair you with the right professional to suit your needs and communicate in the language of your choice.

The Methodology:
Lessons are offered in all snow sports disciplines, and are based on the internationally leading Swiss standard methodology developed by Swiss Ski Schools over many, many years of fine tuning. The aim is to ensure that skiing and snowboarding will become a more comprehensive experience for all guests – more fun, challenging.

The Promise…Learn to Ski in 3 Days:
The Swiss Ski Schools are committed to their promise: Learn to Ski in 3 Days and many resorts offer First Ski Packages for Adults. Whether you have never put skis on before, or need a refresher course, they will guarantee that by the end of the 3rd day you can confidently and comfortably ski down a blue piste from beginning to end. In addition, you will gain important information about your equipment, ski safety tips and more.

The offer is valid and can be booked in any location throughout Switzerland during the entire winter season. If by chance you feel that for some strange reason they are not able to live up to this promise, the Swiss Ski School will offer you a complimentary refresher course!

The Swiss Snow Kids Village…and Snowli!
What child wouldn’t want to learn how to ski with Snowli…this magically adorable creature with long bunny ears?! Enjoy reading about The Story of Snowli in 12 chapters with your children in preparation for hitting the slopes with him and his friends!

The Passion:
The passion exuded by the Swiss Ski School is just another reason we are totally #INLOVEWITHSWITZERLAND

Swiss Ski Schools
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