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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on June 19, 2018

There’s a new food delivery service in Zurich. This one is not only healthy, it’s vegan, organic, refined-sugar free, gluten-free, locally sourced, wholesome and delivered to  your door! Different diets are good for different bodies and we enjoy trying and sharing our experiences to help others discover what’s happening in the city. We had the opportunity to trial the LEANbyalex program during her official launch week (4-8 June 2018). Here is what we love about LEANbyalex:

The Convenience

Imagine having 5 full day’s worth of lean and clean meals delivered to your home or office by bicycle…for one full work-week, you do not need to think about food or spend time in the kitchen for yourself at all! Each day contains a breakfast shake, immune booster shot, whole food bowl for lunch, power treat, and cleansing soup for dinner. Imagine how many hours per week that frees up to focus on YOU.

The Ingredients

In our experience, each day was incredibly different and full of tasty surprises. While our personal cupboards are filled with all sorts of super foods, never before have they ALL been so creatively added to a week’s worth of meals. From cacao nibs, pomegranate seeds and goji berry toppings to turmeric and miso dressings, her program is not only super healthy for the week, it fuels you with inspiration for future meals you can recreate at home. To give you an idea, the base ingredients for our meals were:

Delicious Simplicity

The light meals truly do make you feel light as a bird by the end of the week. During the week, there is no calorie counting, as Alex believes that calories from carbs cannot be compared to those from healthy fats or proteins because your body processes and absorbs them differently. Instead, the week is filled with simply delicious nutrient-rich food using a macronutrient approach.

The week after we published our Zero Waste Lifestyle article, we were sampling LEANbyalex which gave us a bit of an internal struggle as all meals are pre-packaged and served in takeaway containers…however, we were so pleased when we learned that the transparent containers and lids are not made of plastic but of low-carbon, plant-based PLA, the food bowls are made from sustainably-sourced wood, lined with PLA and the bottles are recyclable PET.

The Founder: Alex

We are so inspired by women who live their passion, and meeting Alex in person is like meeting an old friend. She is not only warm and inviting, she also lives and breathes a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, complete with taking good care of herself as well as she does her clients according to her values. There is no doubt that a healthy dose of love goes into each and every meal she prepares…you can taste it!

During the 5-day program, Alex communicates with you via a WhatsApp chat group with approximately 15 other members. Every evening around the time that your meals are being delivered for the next day, she sends you a message that includes the ingredients you can expect for your upcoming meals, along with educational facts and supportive tips on what you can focus on during the day, such as taking the time to properly chew your food.

Thank you Alex for shining your light on Zurich’s vegan food scene!


Photos courtesy of Andrea Monica Hug, LEANbyalex and GGZ


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