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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on October 6, 2020

Designed with purpose in the heart of Switzerland – canton Uri – the KoKoTé bags and accessories are sold empty, but filled with a story that must be shared. Entrepreneur and founder, Franz Huber, noticed the older refugees within his community were having trouble integrating, so he established a private association allowing them to express their professional skills in a safe and motivating environment. Actions instead of Words is his motto!

Incase you missed it, we announced the KoKoTé opening in our September newsletter and wanted to follow-up with a few of the reasons we love this initiative:

A Meaningful Life

The KoKoTé bags and accessories are designed by Carsten Jörgensen (who shaped the design for Bodum from the 70’s until 2003) in close cooperation with refugees who not only have a secure job that boosts self-esteem, belonging and respect, but they also attend weekly in-house training courses.

“While flying I have often thought that in a global world we are all nomads and in some ways refugees with shorter or longer durations, but most of these refugees have a return ticket and the option to return to something they can call home. But 65 million refugees on the same earth cannot return to what they call their home” -Jörgensen

Go Poschti!

These designer shopping bags are elegant, collapsable and weigh just 400 grams. They are strong enough to help you carry a heavy shop with comfort thanks to the soft handle and shoulder straps. The sustainably produced nylon “Econyl” is washable ,and inside there is a secret special compartment…for your shopping cart chip!

The Children’s Bags

Bright, cheerful and functional, we just adore the children’s bags designed by KoKoTé. They can be converted and utilized as either a shoulder bag or backpack and each one has a transparent outer compartment that can be used to insert a drawing or photograph from your little artist. Made from certified ecological leather from Germany you can trust any scribbles or spills are an easy cleanup and the durable quality will last for years.

The Flagship Store

The KoKoTé team is waiting to welcome you at their Flagship Store outside Altdorf, Uri where the bags are produced. Here, you can see first hand how the initiative combines top-class design, Swiss craftsmanship, education and sustainable integration for refugees in Switzerland.

Conscious shopping with purpose!

KoKoTé Flagship Store
Neumarkt 20, 8001 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 872 14 14

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