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Katzentisch – Last Minute High End Dining

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on July 23, 2015

20150709_200848Imagine the following: It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve had a busy week and can’t wait for a relaxed dinner with your hubby when suddenly it occurs to you that you have forgotten to reserve a table for tonight. Oh dear…what now? You dial through your list of favorite Zurich restaurants and seven frustrating phone calls later you still haven’t scored a table. Desperation is growing as you picture yourself ordering a pizza on your date night. Sounds familiar? Well, finding a table in Zurich at short notice comes close to hitting the lottery jackpot as tables at fancier establishments are hotly sought after.

The inventors of “Katzentisch” have tackled these types of situations and brought a solution to what seems like an unsolvable bottleneck. Although Katzentisch translates to “side table“ what they offer is anything but. They have created an innovative website which allows you to book a last minute table online by choosing from a selection of participating restaurants. Bookings can be made from 3 pm onwards for the same day. Every restaurant offers a special dining experience which usually includes a culinary perk such as a discretionary glass of champagne, coffee or wine. The website includes a description of every restaurant, which makes picking a restaurant easy. Once you have chosen your restaurant for the night all you need to do is fill out the reservation form and you are all set.



The Katzentisch Experience

Zuri Girl chooses Coco Bar and Grill from a list of 7 restaurants which still have a table available. The 5 course menu on offer sounds delicious and includes a visit to the restaurants’ very own wine cellar. Zuri Girl books a table by indicating personal and credit card details. The form is clearly arranged and the process takes less than 2 minutes. Our booking is confirmed by email later. When we arrive at Coco Grill and Bar we are cordially greeted with a “Willkommen zum Katzenztisch/Welcome to Katzentisch”, our friendly waiter leads us to our cozy table on the terrace on this balmy summer night. We are offered a glass of champagne with compliments from Katzentisch. Afterwards, we venture to the restaurant’s wine celler accompanied by Coco’s Sommelier Marcel Gabriel to visit their liquid treasures. After inquiring about our wine preferences Marcel recommends a number of Italian and Spanish wines and we go for a full-bodied Barolo.


The Atmosphere

Coco is a quaint restaurant located in the city center however discreetly tugged away in a corner of a street. The restaurant offers a rustic interior with a dining room complete with a fire- place and a lovely garden terrace. The atmosphere is chilled, laid back and anything but stiff.


The Menu

Coco Bar & Grill focuses on the essentials and fresh, Mediterranean cuisine and does without a menu. Instead, the restaurant serves 3 starters based on seasonal fresh dishes. Our waiter asks whether there is anything we don’t like to adjust the menu accordingly.

Dinner at Coco starts with a hearty selection of sausages and prosciutto served with oven warm bread and is followed by a sea bass served with linguini which is mouth-watering delicious. Next, Zuri Girl is pleasantly surprised when a basket of crudités including cucumber, radish and boiled eggs is placed on our table. The vegetables are served with two types of dips. What a refreshing idea!

The main course is a selection of fish or beef to choose from which is then prepared at the restaurants’ very own grill. Zuri Girl goes for an Angus fillet served with grilled potatoes. The meat is tender and to the point with a smoky nuance to it.

Our dessert is a light sour cream ice cream with raspberries and just ideal for a hot summer day. Just when we think it can’t get any better we are offered a bottle of Champagne to take with us. This is yet another lovely perk offered by Katzentisch. While others wait for their bill, we simply get up and leave as the bill has already been prepaid.


Why we Love it

Coco’s Bar and Grill is a lovely hideaway and offers fresh, imaginative cuisine paired with charming service.

Booking via Katzentisch makes the dining experience easy and comes with some amazing perks!


Zuri Girl Tip

Coco’s Bar and Grill also offers a lunch menu with 4 menus to select for.

The wine cellar is a must visit if you are dining at Coco’s.

Katzentisch is currently in German, but an English version is coming soon!


Coco Bar & Grill

Address: Bleicherweg 1a, 8001 Zürich (map)
+ 44 211 98 98 . Coco Bar & Grill Website . Katzentisch Website


Sarah Bio PhotoWritten by Zuri Girl, Sarah. In the corporate world Sarah works as a Head of HR for an international energy company. Sarah’s blog focuses on dining and wining, fashion and art in and around Zurich. Sarah is originally from Hamburg, Germany and can be found strolling around art exhibitions, trying out new restaurants and exploring the Alpine mountains on her ski’s or mountain bike.








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