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GG Zurich posted on October 2, 2018

Dewy skin, natural brows with a light touch of color on the lips – this is the standard look for K- beauty which is all over the beauty trend these days.

K-beauty stands for Korean Beauty which focuses on natural glow from the skin. South Korea is one of the key leaders in beauty technology thanks to the history of beauty tips that started from the Three Kingdoms of Korea dating back to 57 BC to 668 AD! At that time cosmetics were made from extracts of stems of plants or roots, and coloring of the lips were from the flowers. The knowledge from history is applied to modern beauty formulas as well, and who doesn’t love natural products? Rather than thick foundation of the skin by covering up flaws, Korean beauty products try to improve the skin condition to become flawless. If you’d like to try out some products, here are 3 websites that you can order from in Switzerland.


The founder, Jodethe, is originally from the Philippines where she worked as a nurse.  While residing in Switzerland and moving to a full time mom “job” she stumbled upon K-beauty and got hooked into learning, trying and now sharing the philosophy and many products. She’s created a website with various tried & tested brands.

We especially love the BoOonBox compare function! You can select several products and then compare side by side. View differences in price, reviews, availability and more.

One of the best sellers recommended is the Supple Preparation Toner from the reputable brand Klairs. The toner is good for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and provides hydration, rejuvenation and pH level balance. Plus the product itself is Cruelty-free, Vegan Friendly, Ethanol/ Paraben/Silicone/Steroid-free, without any artificial coloring or fragrance. Being a bit of a hound with cosmetic scents, we like that the toners come in original and unscented.

Zuri Girl Tip: BoOonBox is located in Bremgarten in Kanton Aargau incase you want to pick up your order directly and just like in South Korea, free samples come with all purchases!

Check out the BoOonBox Website for more information.


To find the “It-items” ItBeautySeoul helps navigate through the jungle of K-beauty products. Founded by Erin, a Korean women keen to share tips from her Korean beauty lifestyle. She works hard to keep up with the trends,  does plenty of her own testing to ensure quality and ships everything directly from South Korea to Kanton Basel.

The website is consisted of product recommendations based on skin type and age range and we love that she includes application and best -wear practices tips.

One of the best sellers recommended is the brand Laneige, known for Water Science, using optimum water to address each skin concern. We tested the Laneige sleeping mask and lip sleeping mask focusing on overnight skin care. Waking up with soft, moisturized skin is the best feeling! Just be sure to wash it off gently after and then start your day with the COSRX Low pH good morning gel cleanser. With a light scent of tea tree oil, you won’t feel any irritation or dryness thanks to the optimal pH balance and if the day treats you rough cool down and relax in the evening with Innisfree real squeeze masks.

Zuri Girl Tip: Each purchased product has an ItBeautySeoul brand sticker. An easy peasy reminder of where you bought it from when you need to stock up or recommend it to a friend.

Check out the ItBeautySeoul for more information.


eBeautyandCare is founded by Laetitia, a big fan of Korean culture and K-beauty. Starting off sharing experiences on a blog about Korea, she noticed the interest in Korean products but fear people have ordering all the way from Asia. She then created an e-shop (in English & French) using her passion & curiosity of Korean beauty products to guide her inventory.

Recently, the bubble clay mask was a big hit in the market thanks to the funny picture covered by foams. Not just entertaining but also as a deep-cleansing makeup remover your pores will be cleaned out. The product is made with special formulation of charcoal powder so if you just put a layer of the mask on your face in a couple of minutes it will bubble up!

Another fun K-beauty product is the cook pack, from Ettang. As a modeling mask, you must mix up the ingredients just as if you are making a nice salad. Fold and pour in the pouches, stir up the liquid and after you gently put it on your face – your skin will be softer and brighter. The pack contains white ingredients such as eggs, cauliflowers, brussel sprouts, potatoes, bananas and pine mushrooms to build up moist/glow and provides an intensive treatment to clarify and purify dull skin. There are 4 types of the cook packs if you’d like to try!

Check out the Ebeautyandcare for more information.

Written by Zuri Girl Lillian…Spent her childhood in Hawaii, and growing up in South Korea, Lillian ended up in Switzerland after getting mesmerized by its beauty. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, traveling around the world, open to all culinary journeys and meeting new people.  In love with art galleries and movie theaters, you can find her chilling by the lake on a sunny day or wandering around exploring the city!  Follow her on Instagram

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