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John Baker – Stadelhofen’s new BIO Bakery

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on February 13, 2014

The love affair with baked goods is a long-time romance of irresistible cravings for breads, pastries & all things made with the delights of dough, but how much steamier would it be if they were healthy too?

Allow us to introduce John Baker, Stadelhofen’s newest, eco-friendly baker whipping up the good stuff in life from their conveniently-located and crispy clean open-kitchen. The owners are no strangers to the kitchen.

The 4 geniuses behind John Baker have been spoiling Zurich’s gourmet scene for years with roots in the bakery shop JUNG and local legends like Volkshaus, Hot Pasta & Talacker Bar. And no…there names are not John for those that just can’t help but ask the question!

With a passion to revolutionize the baking scene in Zurich, these guys know what tastes good for your tummy & also for your health.

Enjoy ladies!


JBAKE0161 copyThe Atmosphere…A refreshing vibe with baked goods screaming for your attention from their glass display case and unique features like the up-close working kitchen and yeast mill grinding away at the front entrance. John Baker is not shy about how their delicacies are made and excited to showcase their fine bakers at work & in-house ingredients being made.

There aren’t tables or chairs so it’s definitely a “pick up & go” kind of place, but isn’t convenient, quick & healthy exactly what every Zuri Girl craves on a winter morning?


JBAKE0364 copyThe Menu…Using their own in-house flour and regional wheat, all 15 variety of breads are 100% vegan and baked in-house 4 times daily ensuring downright freshness.

For a power-charged morning, try a sweet bread made with figs and raisins, but don’t forget an afternoon treat of chocolate bread or fondue bread for those cold, winter Après-ski parties.

The Bircher muesli reminded Zuri Girl of the traditional recipe by Mr. Bicher. It’s one of the best we’ve tasted in town and this town has a whole lot of Bircher muesli to taste!


JBAKE0460 copy 2The Drinks…Would you expect anything other than a freshly-made juice?

We’re talking catchy phrases like Wake Me Up Lemon, Immune Booster and Energy Juice.

Who doesn’t find that appealing, especially on a Monday morning when a much-needed post weekend detox is critical and you catch healthy head-turning ingredients like ginger and carrot.


JBAKE0013 copyWhy we Love It…In a few simple words…

100% BIO

100% Vegan Bread (15 varieties)

100% Franc Savvy…The less you pack up, the less you pay…savvy discounts for using John Baker’s BIO bag, reusable thermoses or the best…go naked with no bag at all!


JBAKE0207 copyZuri Girl Tip…Grab lunch on the go and enjoy the weekly sandwich special…no problem here to request it warm either…it always tastes so much better & they are happy to heat it up for you. The latest to catch our eye was the Vegan-friendly Zucchini – Paprika buffer with salad garnish…yum!

Dinner is also not to be forgotten with sandwiches, soupos, pizzas and organic meats & sausages from Hans & Wurst.


John Baker
Stadelhoferstrasse 28, 8001 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 (0)44 281 92 92




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