How This Zurich WhatsApp Group Helps Your Diet Goals

GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on August 19, 2020

If discipline is the bridge that connects goals and accomplishments, where are you standing as it relates to your diet patterns? If you are like many women living in Zurich who cannot seem to bridge the gap between desire and discipline, there is a group that meets regularly for 30-days at a time via WhatsApp and if you are exhausted from feeling exhausted all the time…please consider giving Danna a call so you can be added to the next group.

Contact Danna to Join!
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Nothing in life comes for free and this is one good example of investing in yourself if you need that “magic pill” to help make a lasting change. The cost is a little less than CHF 10 per day and your grocery bill will likely drop drastically for the month, so you can essentially gain community, tips and inspiration as an added bonus to your current lifestyle!

After years of hearing about Danna’s approach, we had the opportunity to experience this 30-day group for ourselves and it’s a pleasure to share that without a doubt, Danna’s heart and soul is poured into this program with enthusiasm as if it is her first group ever…it must be all that healthy food she’s consuming and sharing because she has the energy of a Thoroughbred!  Here is what you can expect to gain during the month:

Initial Consultation

Spend 30 minutes alone with Danna via telephone discussing YOUR dietary hurdles, fears and misconceptions where truly no-question-is-a-stupid-question. Danna is an expert through her own personal life experience, intimate studies and pure passion to help others get out of the dieting hole she was once in. She is honest in sharing that she was once 20kg overweight, was drastically distraught after losing her grandmother and felt she hit rock bottom after giving birth to her two boys and learning that her mother had two types of cancer. Danna is a perfect example of someone who has experienced deep personal pain and can emerge as someone who has nothing but love and light to share for the rest of her days. She is passionate about helping YOU on a personal level and she will hold your hand for the entire month you join her program.

« Cooking is Love Made Edible » 

Danna’s e-Book + Menu Plans

There is simply too much conflicting information about dieting, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Danna is your fairy godmother who has cherry picked and consolidated the best techniques and she takes a very simple, no-nonsense approach to helping you understand why what we consume should make us feel energized afterwards, not bloated and sluggish. She has poured her soul and many hours into crafting delicious menu plans with shopping lists that you can make for not only yourself, but your entire family. Her best words of advice when cooking for your family…don’t tell them it’s a diet, just share that you’re trying out a new recipe and pique their curiosity. By week two, the entire household is invested and results begin to appear!

« If it was grown on a plant:
If it was made in a plant:

Weekly Group Calls

Consider this 1-hour time slot once per week your sacred time to ask questions, learn from others in the group and realize you are not alone on this journey. Should you be unable to make the call, there is a recording that you can watch on your own time…but participating is much more fun because your voice is valuable and will help not only answer personal questions, but everyone in the group is lifting each other every step of the way. There is nothing more powerful than collective support.

Daily WhatApp Buzz

You are not alone on this journey! Silly questions come up, gripes are shared and inspiration from seeing everyone’s food porn (photos of their meals) helps keep your momentum strong, especially during the first week of the Urban Cleanse together. When your phone is buzzing with this much excitement, you have only one choice but to join the party because muting it is simply not an option.

Please tell Danna we sent you and best wishes for your own personal journey!


Organilicious Urban Cleanse
by Danna Levy Hoffmann
Website . Tel: +41 76 509 5305

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